Acxyn’s Bold Vision

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 6: Acxyn, Malaysia’s leading Web3 startup, is on a mission to facilitate the transformation of gaming economies and game intellectual property (IP) into tangible real-world assets. This visionary approach aims to enhance liquidity and commercial potential.
Acxyn offers a plug-and-play solution designed to empower video game creators to maximize revenue through Web3, bringing innovation and transparency to stakeholder engagement via IP ownership.
The company has already achieved significant milestones, garnering support from over 50 premier gaming brands in the region.
Acxyn operates with a robust hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS) model and a strong emphasis on delivering value.
Following a successful angel funding round, the company is now raising US$500,000 to scale its operations, accelerate product development, and expand marketing efforts.
Acxyn’s ambitious goal is to scale to 100 IPs with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of US$20 million by 2027.
The company’s team comprises award-winning professionals with extensive expertise in IT, blockchain, gaming, and marketing.
Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Acxyn boasts a global network of essential collaborators.
Within Malaysia, the core team consists of 13 dedicated individuals.
The partnership between Acxyn and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) marks a significant step toward reshaping Malaysia’s digital landscape.
This collaboration is driven by a shared vision of positioning Malaysia as a global hub for gaming and blockchain.

Key elements of the partnership include:

  1. Metaverse Vision: The partners are jointly working to elevate Malaysia’s digital realm by creating a vibrant metaverse that blends innovation and immersive experiences to captivate a global audience.
  2. Web3 Empowerment: Acxyn is championing a nationwide Web3 educational initiative aimed at positioning Malaysia as a beacon of blockchain knowledge while catalyzing economic rejuvenation.
  3. Innovative Research: The partnership involves igniting technological research in collaboration with premier local institutions, spotlighting Malaysia on the global innovation map.
  4. IP Evolution: Acxyn is redefining IP valuation and protection with an innovative tokenization and investment platform. This platform is set to galvanize local entrepreneurial spirit and amplify economic momentum.
  5. Talent Cultivation: The collaboration focuses on nurturing local talent in fields such as blockchain and data analytics while fostering continuous professional growth.
  6. Blockchain Synergy: Acxyn aims to guide local businesses in seamlessly integrating blockchain into their operations, strengthening their position in an increasingly digital landscape.

Regarding the RM750k grant, it will be disbursed based on predetermined milestones aligned with Acxyn’s goals and objectives.
The grant disbursement will follow a quarterly milestone-based approach, ensuring that the funds support critical milestones that align with national objectives and the company’s vision.
MDEC’s expectations include the creation of cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity, elevate product quality, and boost business efficiency.
Acxyn is also expected to generate unique intellectual property (IP) that can be legally protected and monetized, contributing to a vibrant IP ecosystem.
Beyond creation, the IP should be effectively brought to the market, generating revenue and contributing to Malaysia’s economic growth.
The grant awarded to Acxyn is not a one-time occurrence; MDEC regularly extends support to companies through various grant initiatives.
John Schneider, CEO, and Co-Founder of Acxyn, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a passion for technology and innovation.
His extensive experience in IT and global tech consulting equipped him with a diverse network of brilliant minds from across the globe.
Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, caught his attention as a hub for technological innovation, making it an ideal location to establish Acxyn.
Malaysia’s open business policies, supportive government, and thriving tech community resonated with John’s vision of a digital future.
Starting a business in a foreign land always presents challenges, but Malaysia’s warm and welcoming environment made the journey smoother.
Malaysia’s open embrace of foreign entrepreneurs and its reputation as “Malaysia Truly Asia” ensured that every challenge was met with a solution, turning setbacks into new opportunities.
The name “Acxyn” is more than just a label; it embodies a philosophy inspired by mathematics and the limitless potential of innovation.
Rooted in the mathematical equation x=sinx, Acxyn represents the concept of “going from zero to one.” It signifies the pivotal leap and moment of transformation when an idea transcends inception to become a tangible reality.
Acxyn is a commitment to innovation, a nod to mathematical beauty, and a promise to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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