MDEC and Acxyn Partnership

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Kuala Lumpur, Sep 29: Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Acxyn, a groundbreaking web3 company, have announced partnership aimed at driving the growth and widespread adoption of creative technologies in Malaysia.
This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in Malaysia’s digital landscape, merging MDEC’s expertise in digital transformation with Acxyn’s cutting-edge innovations.
As Malaysia’s leading government agency dedicated to advancing the digital economy, MDEC is committed to accelerating the nation’s digital transformation journey. In alignment with this vision, MDEC has launched a metaverse initiative to establish Malaysia’s presence in the rapidly evolving metaverse sector and to promote digital creativity on a larger scale.
Acxyn, a Malaysian-based web3 company, is revolutionizing the gaming industry as the world’s first gaming IP tokenization platform.
Acxyn is reshaping game monetization and investment by introducing pioneering solutions that enhance the visibility and value of intellectual properties (IPs), enabling gaming studios and visionaries to access new revenue streams.
Acxyn has been awarded a substantial grant of RM750,000 by MDEC. This grant underscores MDEC’s dedication to supporting and nurturing innovative companies like Acxyn, which stands as one of the few web3 start-ups accepted into the MDEC program.
John Schneider, CEO of Acxyn, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re excited that MDEC shares our vision for a future in which game IPs can fully realize their economic potential and establish Malaysia as a hub for innovation and excellence in the game industry.”
Through this collaboration, Acxyn aims to contribute its expertise to MDEC’s metaverse initiative. Furthermore, Acxyn is committed to facilitating the introduction of foreign intellectual properties (IPs) and foreign investments into Malaysia.
The ultimate goal is to position Malaysia as a global gaming hub that attracts international game studios and investments, thereby fueling the nation’s digital growth.
Through the Malaysia Digital (MD) national strategic initiative and PEMANGKIN programs, we look forward to continuing to support Acxyn’s growth, driving the adoption of creative technologies, and propelling Malaysia to the forefront of the web3 revolution.”
As Malaysia continues to experience remarkable growth in its creative sectors and embraces the potential of web3 technologies, this partnership between MDEC and Acxyn stands as a testament to the nation’s dedication to innovation and digital transformation.
Together, they will chart a path toward a brighter future, driving the adoption of creative technologies and propelling Malaysia to the forefront of the web3 revolution.

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