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By June Ramli

Sydney, Sept 15: In my latest update on the brand-building journey, I’ve been quite busy. I made a trip to the post office, sending shipments to Dubai, the USA, and Singapore. However, this endeavor came with a hefty price tag, almost $800 in shipping costs alone.
On top of that, I renewed my Australian Made License, which set me back $330.
It’s been a financially demanding week for my skincare business. I also had a virtual meeting with the marketing manager of the Australian Made campaign, discussing how I can make the most of my membership benefits.

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To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the perks I was entitled to but had been unaware of until our chat.
The main reason I renewed my membership was because their logo is stamped on my products, and with them now going international, the renewal was essential.
However, I do feel that they could offer better services to their members.
One ongoing issue is the delay in receiving photos. In my previous column, I mentioned providing some products for a photoshoot.
The marketing manager informed me that they’ve received over 100 submissions and will send the pictures in due course. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the photos will be worth the wait.
The truth is, I’m uncertain how much longer I can sustain my business without external investment, and I’m eagerly hoping for an investor to come on board soon.

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On a positive note, I recently secured an export grant. Initially promised at $15,000, it was unexpectedly slashed in half. I’m eagerly awaiting the funds to hit my bank account so I can kickstart advertising for our overseas expansion.
My arm is sore from the three-day shipping marathon. Exporting as a small business isn’t a walk in the park, but my connection with Amazon retailer has made it possible.
I read about an influencer selling her skincare products in just seven minutes.
However, it’s important to note that she has a massive social media following, making sales a breeze for her.
For regular folks like me, it’s a different story, which is why I’m documenting my journey through these columns.
I hope they can serve as a foundation for my future business book.

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Get Salon-Quality Hair with Blitz Hair Spray – Ideal for All Hair Types!

A big shoutout to the Australian Post office for their patience and assistance with my shipments.
When shipping overseas, you must complete customs forms. I’m hoping for smooth deliveries to the respective warehouses without any unexpected costs.
I’ve had a previous run-in with customs fees when sending a shipment to Indonesia, resulting in the item languishing at the Indonesian post office, and I lost touch with the recipient. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a smoother experience this time.
Despite the challenges, I’m proud of how far I’ve come without external help.
Running an Amazon business is no walk in the park, and some companies charge hefty fees to assist customers in navigating their Amazon ventures.
For instance, in my previous column, I mentioned Tim from Machete Systems, who charges companies anywhere from $30,000 to $3,000 just to manage their business for them.
Until my next update, stay positive, and stay tuned for more developments. Be good!

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