AFC Ends FMA Partnership

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Kuala Lumpur, Sept 15: In a significant move, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has chosen to terminate its exclusive commercial partnership with Football Marketing Asia (FMA) with immediate effect. This decision comes as a direct response to the evolving dynamics of the post-pandemic commercial landscape.
The original commercial agreement, inked back in 2018, had granted FMA (formerly recognized as DDMC Fortis) exclusive rights to oversee the marketing of the AFC’s commercial assets for the period spanning 2021 to 2028.
However, the AFC’s decision to end this exclusivity is driven by a desire to explore fresh opportunities and collaborations that are better suited to the current economic climate.

It appears the announcement has caught FMA off guard, as they haven’t had the opportunity to update their website yet.

The ultimate goal is to secure the long-term financial health and prosperity of Asian football.
At present, the AFC is actively engaged in the process of identifying a new exclusive commercial partner for the term covering 2023 to 2028.
More comprehensive details concerning this development are expected to be revealed in due course.
However, it’s worth noting that, despite the termination of the partnership, FMA continues to assert its rights on its official website’s homepage.
This divergence between the AFC’s decision and FMA’s stance adds an intriguing dimension to the situation and raises questions about the specifics of their ongoing relationship.

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