Father’s Day Competition Winners!

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By June Ramli

Sydney, Sept 3: In celebration of Father’s Day, we recently held a competition where our followers shared touching photos and videos paying homage to their fathers.
The heartfelt submissions capture the essence of the special bond between fathers and their children. Here are the submissions in no particular order:

1. amy_and_nickys_mama 

amy_and_nickys_mama’s winning entry.

This Father’s Day, Amy_and_Nickys_Mama takes a moment to honor her husband, the father of her two young children. Their cherished walks along the pier remind us that sometimes it’s the simplest moments that hold the most significance.
Her winning entry was captioned: “The smallest adventures mean the biggest thing! Walks along the pier 🩷 @dailystraits #adventurewithdad.”

2. mumma__bear__3 

mumma__bear__3’s winning entry.

Mumma__Bear__3 joins in to express her appreciation for her Dad, who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Her gratitude reflects the enduring bond between fathers and their children.
Her winning entry was captioned: “With Fathers Day around the corner… a shout out to my Dad!!! Always there to fix or build something I request! #adventureswithdad.”

3. m4nd4gr4m 

m4nd4gr4m’s winning entry.

m4nd4gr4m takes us on a journey to Italy, where they had a fantastic time with their father. The photo captures a lighthearted moment when they jumped for joy in front of the Trulli. It was a challenge to get the perfectly timed photo with both of them in the air, but the laughter and memories created that day make it all worth it. 😂 😂 😂
Her winning entry was captioned: “I was lucky enough to go on an amazing adventure with dad to Italy to see his hometown 🏡”

4. travel_journeys 

travel_journeys’s winning entry.

Travel_Journeys shares a special moment of learning from her Dad. His guidance and the memorable experience of changing a tire together highlight the educational adventures fathers provide.
Her winning entry was captioned: “Dad is always teaching me something, and I’m so grateful! He recently taught me how to change the tire on my car, and what an adventure it was! @dailystraits #adventurewithdad”

5. teacups.and.coffee 

teacups.and.coffee’s winning entry.

Teacups.and.Coffee joins in to share the beauty of everyday moments turning into cherished memories with Dad. This lovely addition underscores the enduring nature of the father-child bond.
Her winning entry was captioned: “Beautiful memories being made each & every day @dailystraits #adventurewithdad 💙💙💙”

6. luczak667 

luczak667’s winning entry.

Luczak667 shares a remarkable father-son adventure, documenting their journey to the NRL Grand Final in 2022.
This adventure involved meticulous planning, and the memories created during this exciting mission were truly priceless.
These heartwarming tributes from our Instagram community remind us of the deep and cherished connections between fathers and their children.
Her winning entry was captioned: “NRL Grand Final 2022. 🐾🐾 Father and son. The adventure was in the mission of getting to the event from Blue Mountains. The scope of the mission. The logistical preparation and planning…the travel timings, weather, hydration, food, comfortable footwear, backpacks, jackets. An adventure that was well worth the memories! Priceless! 🖤❤️💛💚🏉🐾🐾 #adventurewithdad @dailystraits @alex_bottrill”
We thank all the participants for sharing their touching stories and wish everyone a joyful Father’s Day celebration!

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