Father’s Day Adventure Contest

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By June Ramli

Reflecting on the cherished tradition of visiting my father’s resting place during my trips back to Malaysia, I’ve realized the profound importance of honoring his memory.
Yet, during my recent visit, an unintentional miscommunication prevented me from keeping this tradition alive.
This poignant experience has inspired me to create a remarkable tribute to fathers everywhere.
In honor of my father’s memory, I am delighted to introduce the upcoming Father’s Day Adventure Contest.
Set to take place in Australia on September 3rd, this competition is designed for children who seek to express their love and appreciation for their fathers. By participating, kids will have the opportunity to shower their dads with heartfelt gestures—all on our tab.

This contest pays homage to the writer’s father.

Father’s Day Adventure Contest: Celebrating Dads in Australia

Theme: “Treasured Adventures with Dad.”

Every adventure shared with a father holds a special place in our hearts.
This contest is an invitation to capture and celebrate these treasured moments that forever bond children and their fathers.

How to Participate:

  1. Follow Us: Begin your journey by following @DailyStraits on Instagram.
  2. Capture the Moment: Share a captivating photo or a heartwarming video that encapsulates an unforgettable adventure experienced with your dad.
  3. Tag and Share: Include the hashtag #AdventureWithDad and be sure to tag @DailyStraits in your post.

Prizes that Echo the Spirit of Fatherhood:To commemorate the profound impact of fathers, our selection of prizes mirrors the unique bond between fathers and their children. Each prize resonates with sentiments of love, appreciation, and shared experiences:

  1. Skullcandy Grind HAZE True Wireless Earbuds (Limited Edition) – Immerse yourself in exceptional audio quality and a chill vibe with these earbuds inspired by the legendary Purple Haze strain. Valued at $179.95.
  2. Sumptuous Father’s Day Meal at Slim Quality Burgers – Treat your dad to an indulgent meal at Sydney’s finest burger joint, Slim Quality Burgers. Enjoy a dining experience worth $150. (Available for Sydneysiders only).
  3. Aspera AS8 4G Smartphone – Stay connected with this feature-packed smartphone offering a large display, advanced security features, NFC capability, and more. Capture memories with the 8MP + 0.08MP rear and 5MP front cameras, valued at $149.
  4. Stay Stylish with ooGee Australia Dingo Creek Hat Rock the trend with this stylish hat in Mixed Navy, valued at $95. (Winner to specify hat size).
  5. LazyBum Skincare Hydrating Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer Combo Pack – Elevate your skincare with the LazyBum Hydrating Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer Combo Pack. Experience the luxury of a complete routine with minimal effort. Cleanse, refresh, and hydrate effortlessly for a radiant, revitalized complexion. Your skin deserves this easy indulgence valued at $59.90.
  6. Pamper Your Skin with Plendi Outback Mud Mask – Rejuvenate your skin with this luxurious mud mask, valued at $58.
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Competition Guidelines:

  • Open to All of Australia: This contest welcomes participants from across Australia, extending the spirit of fatherhood across the nation.
  • Respect Copyrights: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to share the photo or video you submit.
  • A Tribute to Fathers: Capture the essence of shared adventures and celebrate the remarkable journey of fatherhood.

Selection: Entries will be judged on creativity, the story behind the memory, and the visual.
Winners: We’ll announce the winners on Father’s Day.

Let us unite in commemorating the fathers who shape our lives, memories, and values.
Join us in this extraordinary Father’s Day Adventure Contest by DailyStraits.com and celebrate the enduring spirit of fatherhood.

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