Lenovo’s Innovation Unveiled

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Sydney, Sept 1: Lenovo’s recent unveiling at IFA 2023 introduced an array of groundbreaking products, catering to a wide spectrum of tech enthusiasts.
The highlights include the ThinkVision 3D monitor, audio headsets, accessories, and device manager software updates, designed to enhance productivity and user experiences in modern work environments.
On the gaming front, Lenovo introduced the highly anticipated Lenovo Legion™ Go, their first-ever Windows gaming handheld device, accompanied by an array of innovative accessories.
Further raising the bar, Lenovo Legion 9i debuted as the world’s first AI-tuned gaming laptop with an integrated liquid-cooling system, redefining gaming performance and innovation.
These products collectively reflect Lenovo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and providing users with cutting-edge solutions.

Introducing Lenovo Legion 9i (16”, 8) Gaming Laptop: Redefining Performance and Innovation

Lenovo has unveiled the groundbreaking Lenovo Legion 9i (16”, 8) gaming laptop during IFA 2023 in Berlin, setting new standards in gaming laptop performance and design. As the world’s first 16-inch gaming laptop with a self-contained liquid-cooling system, the Legion 9i targets gamers and creators with demanding graphic workflow needs. Featuring a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU, this laptop offers powerful gaming and content creation capabilities. Its integrated liquid-cooling system, developed in partnership with Cooler Master, maintains efficient heat management even during intense gaming sessions, while its 16″ 3.2k Mini LED 16:10 display with a 165Hz variable refresh rate and AI-driven features enhances the gaming experience. The Legion 9i (16”, 8) aims to redefine modern gaming and content creation experiences, with pricing starting at $8999 AUD or $9999 NZD and expected availability in late October 2023.

Introducing Lenovo Legion Go: Elevating Handheld Gaming

Lenovo introduces the revolutionary Lenovo Legion Go, its first-ever Windows gaming handheld device, designed to offer gamers unparalleled freedom in gaming. Powered by AMD Ryzen Z1 Series processors and running on Windows 11, the Legion Go features an 8.8-inch Lenovo PureSight Gaming Display with up to an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and AMD RNDA Graphics. The device delivers console-like graphics performance with an immersive 8.8-inch QHD+ 16:10 display supporting adjustable refresh rates. With a 49.2Wh battery capacity and Super Rapid Charge, extended gaming sessions are possible. The device incorporates Coldfront thermal technology for optimal performance and offers detachable controllers, dual USB Type-C ports, and compatibility with Lenovo Legion Glasses and E510 7.1 RGB Gaming In-Ear Headphones. The Legion Go is priced from $1399 AUD or $1799 NZD and is expected to be available in late October 2023.

Empowering Hybrid Work with Lenovo’s Innovative Tools and Accessories

Lenovo is introducing a range of innovative tools and accessories aimed at enhancing productivity in hybrid work scenarios. The ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor offers immersive 3D visualization with glasses-free compatibility, ideal for content creators. Lenovo Wired VOIP Headset and Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2 provide quality audio solutions for remote collaboration. Lenovo Device Manager receives updates for enhanced energy management, optimizing device fleets and power usage. Additionally, the ThinkPad Professional 16inch Backpack Gen 2 and ThinkPad Professional 16inch and 14inch Topload Gen 2 cases offer sustainable options for keeping laptops and accessories organized. Pricing and availability details for these offerings will be announced locally, highlighting Lenovo’s commitment to redefining professional workspaces for the modern era.

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