Fever-Tree’s Exciting Margarita & Mojito Mixers

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Sydney, Aug 28: Fever-Tree is shaking things up with the launch of two new cocktail mixers. The Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer are an extension of Fever-Tree’s already popular offering (tonics, sodas, ginger ales), bringing the same unrivalled flavour and quality that consumers continue to gravitate towards.  
Multiple serves quickly, with no extra liqueurs or syrups needed, no squeezing or muddling required, mixing bar quality cocktails has never been so easy.
At-home entertaining with the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer really lends itself to convenient hosting – saving you time and waste (no additional ingredients left to collect dust in the pantry, or wilt in the crisper).  
Since putting a lid on the first bottle of Premium Indian Tonic Water, Fever-Tree have never wavered in their mission to bring more luxury to the mixer aisle, which is why they are recognised as Australia’s #1 luxury mixer brand with 90 per cent share in the premium mixer market.
These two new products certainly live up to the same standard.  
The Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer are designed to be mixed with premium spirits, hence Fever Tree’s inclusion of the finest natural ingredients.
Both bottles deliver bar quality cocktails sans artificial flavourings, sweeteners, or preservatives, and a total sugar content that is considerably lower than competitor brands.  
Crafted with superior Mexican limes, then blended with Italian blood oranges and a pinch of Scottish sea salt, the Classic Margarita Mixer is equally juicy and zesty. All that’s required is your favourite tequila, in order to make a truly authentic margarita.
The Sparkling Mojito Mixer is also made from Mexican limes, as well as earthy Moroccan spearmint. Adding only rum transforms this beverage into a very balanced and refreshing mojito.  
“This is just the beginning of growth and innovation in the cocktail mixer category for Fever-Tree.
As was the case with carbonated mixers, the non-carbonated category is ripe with opportunity, and bound for tremendous growth.
It’s the perfect time for Fever-Tree to be making their grand entrance. We’re the beverage brand that has everything you need to easily enjoy a night in, a night out, or a get-together with friends and family. Our cocktail mixers can be the foundation for a really festive at-home occasion, that’s both elevated yet affordable.”
AndyGaunt, Managing Director of Fever-Tree. Create cocktails with confidence and zero fuss. Fever-Tree’s new cocktail mixer range is turning your next drinking occasion into a tastemaker’s delight.
Shop the new Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer from AU$19.50 at your local Dan Murphy’s today. 

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