AGON’s AG276QZD: Ultimate OLED Gaming

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Singapore, Aug 28: Renowned as the leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brand, AGON by AOC proudly claims the title of the world’s No. 1 Gaming Monitor Brand, a prestigious recognition bestowed upon it by the IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker report for Q1/2023.
Building upon this achievement, AGON by AOC has introduced its latest groundbreaking creation: the 26.5″ AGON PRO AG276QZD OLED competitive gaming monitor.
The AGON PRO AG276QZD stands as a paragon of gaming innovation, featuring an anti-glare OLED panel that boasts a revolutionary low reflection polarizer.
This innovation is combined with an extraordinary 240Hz refresh rate and an unprecedented 0.01ms pixel response time.
These remarkable attributes serve as the bedrock of the monitor’s appeal to competitive gamers seeking an edge in their pursuit of victory.
With a pristine 1440p native resolution (2,560 x 1,440) and a spacious viewing area measuring 586.75 (H) × 330.05 (V), the OLED panel captivates the senses by rendering intricate details with unparalleled precision, synergizing perfectly with its exceptional refresh rate and response time.
The AGON PRO AG276QZD transcends expectations by embracing advanced features tailored to elevate the FPS gaming experience.
It proudly introduces the Sniper Scope functionality, enabling gamers to magnify select areas of the screen with options of 1.0x, 1.5x, and 2.0x magnifications.
This innovative addition caters specifically to players who revel in the art of sniping within FPS shooters.
Notably, the monitor embraces OLED’s inherent strengths – deeper blacks, heightened contrast ratio, and wider viewing angles – and pairs them with the innovative Dynamic Dial Point feature.
This feature dynamically adjusts the colors of in-game crosshairs based on the game background, thereby enhancing visibility and accuracy.The AGON PRO AG276QZD is not merely a spectacle of gaming performance but also a masterpiece of visual brilliance.
It proudly supports HDR10, achieving an astonishing peak brightness of 1,000 nits. Its color accuracy is awe-inspiring, boasting 100 per cent sRGB coverage and an impressive DCI-P3 accuracy of 98.5 per cent.
To ensure an unadulterated gaming immersion, the monitor seamlessly integrates G-sync compatibility, providing tear-free visuals.
The inclusion of HDMI 2.0 ports and DisplayPort 1.4 connections ensures both convenience and high-speed data transmission.
The ergonomic design philosophy of AGON shines through with the AGON PRO AG276QZD.
A Red Dot Winner of 2023, its pentagon base ingeniously saves desk space without compromising stability, allowing gamers more room for fluid in-game movements.
This ergonomic excellence is complemented by features like TUV and UL Low Blue Light certification, as well as UL Flicker Free certification, collectively safeguarding gamers’ eyes during extended gameplay sessions.
Staying true to its commitment to sustainability, AGON by AOC presents the AGON PRO AG276QZD in eco-conscious green packaging, contributing to a better world for all.
Anticipated with great excitement, this exceptional monitor is set to grace the market this Aug, marking a new era of gaming excellence.

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