D-Link Introduces DIS Series

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Sydney, Aug 22: D-Link, a leading networking solutions provider, has introduced its latest innovation – the DIS Series of Industrial Gigabit Long Reach PoE+ Switches.
Comprising the unmanaged DIS-F100G Series and the Layer 2 Smart Managed DIS-F200G Series, both equipped with Long Reach PoE support, these switches have been designed to meet the demands of complex indoor and outdoor industrial network applications.
With a strong emphasis on reliability, durability, and security, the DIS Series offers a comprehensive solution for sectors like factory automation, warehousing, and intelligent transportation systems, including automated carpark facilities.Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the DIS-F100G and DIS-F200G Series Switches are encased in industrial-grade, highly durable enclosures with IP40 ingress protection.
This robust construction, coupled with a fan-less and energy-efficient design, ensures optimal performance even in harsh environments with extreme temperature variations.
The DIS Series not only boasts a cold start capability in temperatures as low as -40°C, but also supports full-load operation at temperatures reaching up to 75°C.One of the standout features of the DIS Series is its resilience against high electromagnetic interference (EMI), thanks to its hardened components.
These components are specifically engineered to withstand EMI, a common challenge in industrial settings that can cause damage to ordinary enterprise devices.
To ensure uninterrupted operation, all switches within the DIS Series are equipped with dual power inputs, providing power redundancy in the event of power failures.
The DIS Series also offers models with IEEE 802.3at PoE+ support, delivering up to 30W of power per port to connected PoE devices. This allocation of power is managed dynamically to efficiently power devices like IP phones, wireless access points, and surveillance cameras, thereby minimizing deployment costs.A notable feature of the DIS-F100G and DIS-F200G Series is their Long Reach PoE technology, which extends network cable runs beyond the standard limit of 100m, allowing cables up to 250m in length.
Additionally, for devices potentially exposed to outdoor conditions, the RJ-45 Ethernet ports on these switches are embedded with 6 kV surge protection. This feature safeguards the switches against sudden electrical surges caused by events such as lightning strikes, thereby reducing the risk of equipment damage and related management costs.
The DIS-F200G Series comes equipped with carrier-grade RUN-Ring technology, offering high-speed metro Ethernet ring resilience with a recovery time of 10-20ms.
Further enhancements include loop detection and cable diagnostics, valuable tools for network troubleshooting and maintenance.In summary, D-Link’s DIS-F100G and DIS-F200G Series present a robust and comprehensive solution for demanding industrial network environments.
These switches seamlessly blend reliability, advanced features, and security to address the evolving needs of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing.
The DIS Series is available now through D-Link’s official website and authorized partners and resellers in Australia and New Zealand.

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