Crypto Solves Money Hassles

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Janine Grainger is the Co-Founder and CEO, of Easy Crypto.
Janine Grainger is the Co-Founder and CEO, of Easy Crypto.

In a world where technological advancements continually reshape the way we live, it’s no surprise that traditional financial systems are starting to show their wrinkles. But what if I told you that many of these money irritations could be solved right now, thanks to crypto?
Money, the lifeblood of modern society, brings with it a slew of everyday ‘irritations’ that we’ve come to accept as simply ‘part of the package’ when we participate in the modern economy. Buckle up, however, because I’m about to explain five common money irritations that crypto elegantly takes care of…
The sluggish speed of international transfers
Imagine this: you owe your friend in another country some money; but sending it to them feels like mailing a message in a bottle and praying it reaches them in a timely manner. Conventional international money transfers are notorious for their painfully slow pace, often taking up to three days to reflect ‘if’ all of the paperwork is in place.  
With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can send money across geographic borders in a matter of minutes for extremely low fees. No more pacing around, wondering if your funds will make it to their destination; and the person you’re sending the money to doesn’t necessarily need a traditional bank account to receive the funds, either. 
The mystery of charity donations
We’ve all been there – wanting to contribute to a cause that’s close to our heart but harbouring a lingering feeling of doubt about where our hard-earned money (truly) ends up. Traditional donations to charities can be opaque, leaving ones wondering how much actually reaches those in need versus being spent on administrative costs. Enter crypto, with its revolutionary transparency. By making charitable donations through blockchain technology, you can track your funds’ journey from your wallet to the intended cause. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing exactly how your generosity is making a difference. (Discover more about how crypto is revolutionising charitable giving here.)
The bank’s untenable working hours
The age-old 9-to-5 workday might work for some; but it often doesn’t work for your finances. Conventional banks have set daytime working hours that clash with our busy lives. Need to make a large transaction or withdrawal outside of ‘sociable hours’? Tough luck, there’s simply no-one to take your call! Crypto, however, operates on a 24/7 basis, allowing you to manage your finances when it suits you. No more staring at closed bank doors, wishing you could access your money.
The dreaded overdraft fees
Overdraft fees are the bane of many a bank account holder’s existence. Accidentally spend a little too much and you’re in for a barrage of unexpected fees that can quickly spiral out of control. Because crypto operates on a peer-to-peer system, it eliminates the middleman (read: banks) and their associated fees. There is simply no possibility of overdraft fees sneaking in and playing havoc on your balance.
The security dance of online payments
Online transactions are a modern convenience, but they often come with a side of anxiety about the security of personal information. Conventional online payment methods require sharing sensitive information that includes credit card numbers, leaving us vulnerable to both data breaches and identity theft. Crypto, on the other hand, offers a secure and private way to make online payments. Through crypto protocols, your personal information remains encrypted and your identity protected, allowing you to shop and transact securely online. 
As we all navigate continued technological evolution, it’s worth keeping an eye on how digital innovations continue to reshape our relationship with money. Crypto isn’t only about making transactions; it’s about fundamentally transforming the way you and I interact with money. The next time you find yourself frustrated with the archaic quirks of conventional finance, remember: there’s a crypto solution for that!

About the author: Janine Grainger is the Co-Founder and CEO, of Easy Crypto. Disclaimer: Crypto is volatile, caries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

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