Slim’s Quality Burger Expands to Queensland

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Sydney, Aug 16: Slim’s Quality Burger, the burger joint known for its blend of nostalgic Americana from the 1950s and ’60s with a modern twist, has revealed plans for expansion into the sun-soaked landscapes of Queensland.
Scheduled to open in September, the brand will introduce two fresh locations in Kippa-Ring and Slacks Creek. These establishments will not only feature the beloved classics but will also introduce an extended breakfast menu.
The standout feature will be the novel drive-in encounter, reminiscent of vintage American diners, where patrons can relish both comfort and convenience.Remaining true to Slim’s distinctive style, the Queensland outlets will encapsulate an open kitchen concept set amidst lively retro aesthetics. With vibrant cherry-red banquettes, vintage light fixtures, and iconic neon signs, customers will be transported back to an era of casual yet stylish dining.
Incorporating elements from the past, present, and future, Slim’s Quality Burger is all set to reimagine the conventional diner experience.
The novel aspect will be the innovative QR code system that enables customers to place orders from their vehicles, ensuring swift food delivery while seamlessly merging the nostalgic drive-in vibe with modern technology.

Slim’s Quality Burger charts course for Queensland: Bringing a breakfast menu and a drive-in experience
Slim’s Quality Burger charts course for Queensland: Bringing a breakfast menu and a drive-in experience.

Nik Rollison, Co-founder of Slim’s Quality Burger, shares his anticipation for the forthcoming journey, saying, “The opening of our Kippa-Ring and Slacks Creek outlets marks the commencement of an exciting new chapter in our expansion. These Queensland establishments have been thoughtfully designed, allowing for nose-in parking around the restaurant, evoking the spirit of American diners and offering a glimpse into our bustling open kitchens.
“Echoing Rollison’s enthusiasm, Chef Greg Engelhardt underscores Slim’s dedication to using only the freshest ingredients: “Our focus lies in sourcing fresh ingredients, never opting for frozen.
From our in-house churned ice-cream to hand-cut fries, our offerings reflect our pride in the quality of our ingredients, our meticulous production techniques, and above all, our finished offerings.
“Patrons can also eagerly anticipate a comprehensive coffee menu and an array of delectable breakfast choices, ranging from bacon, egg, and cheese creations to freshly squeezed orange juice and nutritious chia pudding.
Engelhardt further elaborates, “Our breakfast menu is expertly crafted to provide a fantastic start to the day, the Slim’s way.
“We are confident that Queenslanders will relish our distinct twists on these classic morning options.
Be it our savory Bacon and Sausage breakfast burger, our indulgent Sunrise loaded platters, or our wholesome Chia pudding topped with strawberries and nut-free granola, we are delighted to offer a diverse menu to kick off the day.
“The new Queensland locations will continue serving Slim’s array of customizable burgers, featuring 100 per cent Australian Angus beef patties. Accompanied by their specialty hand-cut fries and traditional sundaes, the menu will also cater to various dietary preferences, with vegetarian and gluten-free selections available.

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