Securing Your Home Business

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By Mark Fletcher

As a result of massive increases in the cost of living, more Australians than ever are looking to take a second, or even third job to provide multiple streams of income. 
However, even before this, the growth of side hustles and home businesses was steadily increasing.
In fact, there are now nearly one million people across the nation with side hustles.
Despite this increase, securing your investments, equipment and more for your home business is often a step missed by budding entrepreneurs. Here are some easy tactics you can introduce to secure your side hustle.

Secure your workspace before you go

Firstly, it’s important to make sure your windows and doors are completely locked before you go out and about. This seems like an obvious step but you’d be surprised by how often this is missed.
To prevent ladders or gardening equipment from being used as ‘burglary tools’, make sure your shed or outdoor storage areas are also locked. This is especially important if these outdoor areas or your garage is used as your workspace/inventory area.
If you don’t have a security camera installed, a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is ideal for a quick solution to protect your home either indoors or outdoors. Its weather-resistant and wire-free design means you can simply move it to wherever you need it, whether that’s a wall in your garden, or your kitchen. 

Update regular or recurring deliveries

If you’re running a business out of your home, chances are you are scheduling regular deliveries to and from your front door.
If possible, postpone regular subscription deliveries to when someone is home. If you do have any unexpected deliveries, a Video Doorbell can be an easy way to ask your delivery provider to place your package in a safe space or hand the delivery to a neighbour. 
You can also lean on any trusted neighbours to collect a parcel if you do see it’s been left in plain sight, or even redirect them to your closest post office.

Illuminate dark corners

Consider low-energy, automatic lights inside your home that can be programmed to turn on for set intervals during the day, or when it starts to get dark so people can’t tell your home is temporarily empty. Again, this is especially important for areas such as sheds or your garage where higher-value items are often kept.
Cameras equipped with motion-sensitive, built-in floodlights, such as the Spotlight Cam Pro can deter burglaries as it becomes clear that your home is protected. 

Check your cameras while away

For those times when you inevitably need to leave the house or your desk, being able to check on your home is critical. Tools such as a Ring Protect plan allow you to live-stream, re-watch or download footage from your Ring devices on your phone anytime, anywhere. 
Not only can this be a great way to bring peace of mind, it can also be helpful evidence should the worst occur.

Tips on product installation

Of course, for many, the idea of installing home security equipment yourself can feel like a pretty daunting task. Thankfully, all Ring products come with clear instructions and all of the hardware you need to install your Video Doorbell or cameras.
For those hesitant to drill into their walls, using a compatible No-Drill Mount is a stress-free and renter-friendly method for installing a video doorbell.
Ring also provides a large range of battery-operated products, meaning you don’t need to worry about a hard-wired connection. There’s also a comprehensive installation guide on our website.
Remember, running a business is more than selling a product or service. Protecting your investment is equally as important, so securing your side hustle should not be neglected.

About the author: Mark Fletcher is the Managing Director of Ring.

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