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Welcome to our ‘News In Brief’ column in which we digest all the news releases for you in no more than five paragraphs. Below are snippets of all the media releases we received from Aug 14 till the end of the week.

NodeStealer 2.0: Facebook Threat

Facebook phishing post luring victims to download the infected .zip file

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 14: Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have exposed a worrisome phishing campaign, NodeStealer 2.0, aimed at hijacking Facebook business accounts.
This trend, targeting these accounts since mid-2022, entices victims with attractive tools like free spreadsheet templates.In a Meta report from May 2023, NodeStealer’s emergence was outlined. Originally compiled in July 2022, it was detected carrying out malicious activities in January 2023.
A subsequent December 2022 campaign introduced an upgraded version featuring Python-written variants.
These added capabilities encompassed cryptocurrency theft, downloads, and full takeover of Facebook business accounts.The attack method primarily relies on phishing via business-related ads.
This enables hackers to seize browser cookies, emphasizing access to business accounts. The attackers utilized various Facebook pages and user accounts to distribute materials, luring victims into downloading files from recognized cloud services.
Clicking these led to the download of a ZIP file housing the malicious executable.Malaysia, with 85.1 per cent of its population (29,336,400 users) on Facebook by July 2023, faces substantial risk from NodeStealer.
Apart from financial harm to business accounts, the malware also extracts browser credentials for potential future attacks. Organizations are urged to revise their security policies, leveraging provided indicators of compromise (IoCs) to counter this threat.
To fortify defenses, owners of Facebook business accounts should adopt strong passwords, enable multifactor authentication, and educate their teams on evolving phishing tactics. For more insights into the broader risks posed by NodeStealer’s new version, a detailed blog post is available.

KGW and UTHM Partnership

Revolutionising Education: KGW Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd Collaborates with UTHM to Introduce Hands-On Learning in Logistics and E-Commerce.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 14: KGW Group Berhad, a leading logistics services provider, has partnered with Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) to establish the Enterprise Trade Hub, aimed at providing students with practical experience in the logistics and e-commerce sectors.
Through its subsidiary, KGW Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd, KGW Group is creating an ecosystem for hands-on training within the university.
The collaboration entails the setup of specialized rooms, including a warehouse and a parcel collection room, enabling students to engage with real-world logistics operations. This initiative goes beyond theoretical learning, focusing on practical knowledge that mirrors industry processes.
KGW is dedicated to nurturing future entrepreneurs by offering industry-aligned training and experience.
Datuk Roger Wong, Managing Director of KGW Group Berhad, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its role in cultivating the next generation of professionals.
The initiative, based in Johor and led by UTHM, showcases the region’s commitment to technological and educational advancements.The Enterprise Trade Hub’s purpose is to serve as an educational center for import and export trade through online platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, particularly targeting the USA market.
With KGW’s collaboration, UTHM students will gain insights into global supply chain management and e-commerce ecosystems.The collaboration’s ceremonial launch will feature esteemed figures, including Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Ibrahim Ahmad, Chairman of the UTHM Board of Directors, and Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Vice-Chancellor UTHM.
Their participation underscores the significance of merging education and industry for a harmonious future.
KGW Group Berhad recently debuted on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia, with a market capitalization of RM101.4 million as of Aug 11.

Intel, Synopsys Boost Advanced IP

Santa Clara, Aug 15: Intel and Synopsys have deepened their strategic collaboration, aiming to create a range of IP on Intel’s advanced process nodes.
This partnership, crucial in Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy, is set to enhance offerings for Intel Foundry Services customers, enabling accelerated design and development of high-performance applications.
Synopsys will provide its standardized interface IP portfolio on Intel’s cutting-edge process technologies, supporting system-on-chip designs.
This marks a significant step in Intel’s commitment to technology leadership and growth.

Australia Ranks 4th Globally in Cybersecurity Knowledge

Sydney, Aug 17: Australia has secured the fourth-highest global score in cybersecurity knowledge, according to a recent study by cybersecurity company NordVPN.
The study highlights Australia’s robust awareness of online privacy and cybersecurity despite a global trend of declining awareness.
The annual National Privacy Test (NPT) gathered responses from 26,174 participants across 175 countries this year. Australians, along with Belgium, stood out for their strong grasp of the data collected by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as part of metadata.
NordVPN’s Chief Technology Officer, Marijus Briedis, emphasized the NPT’s role in fostering a community of privacy-conscious individuals and raising awareness about cybersecurity threats.Globally, Poland and Singapore scored 64 out of 100, leading in internet privacy and cybersecurity awareness. Germany and the United States followed closely with 63 out of 100. While the United Kingdom, Austria, and Portugal scored 62 out of 100, the study noted a concerning decline in global online privacy and cybersecurity awareness year by year.Australians displayed expertise in certain areas, such as creating strong passwords and identifying suspicious streaming offers. However, only 3 per cent of Australians were familiar with online tools that protect digital privacy, and 15 per cent knew about data collected by ISPs. Notably, 16 per cent of Australian participants were identified as “Cyber Stars” for their advanced knowledge.As International VPN Day approaches on August 19, Briedis highlighted steps to bolster online security. These include using strong passwords, implementing multi-factor authentication, and regularly updating software. By following these measures, individuals can enhance their online security in an increasingly interconnected world.

Medi Lifestyle’s Revolutionary Healthcare Partnership

Datuk Ken Low, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Medi Lifestyle.

Singapore, Aug 16: Singapore-listed healthcare innovator Medi Lifestyle has unveiled a transformative collaboration between its subsidiaries HealthPro Pharma and Healthpro Marketing, and FIOR Bioscience and Shine Bioscience.
This landmark partnership aims to accelerate access to cutting-edge stem cell therapy products, revolutionizing healthcare and placing regenerative medicine at the forefront of Asian treatment. The collaboration leverages the strengths of the entities, united by a commitment to elevating patient outcomes and medical innovation.
Fior Bioscience, with extensive experience, aligns seamlessly with Medi Lifestyle’s dedication to quality and ethical healthcare practices.
Shine Bioscience, the exclusive distributor, will use its expansive connections to elite Asian laboratories to advance research and streamline distribution.
Medi Lifestyle’s CEO Datuk Ken Low highlighted their focus on importing and distributing FDA-registered stem cell therapy products while driving innovation with local research and development.
David Kasteler, MD of Shine Bioscience, emphasized the collaboration’s significance in making effective stem cell therapies accessible across Asia.
This partnership cements Medi Lifestyle’s leadership in preventive healthcare, uniting technology, safety measures, and expertise to set new standards in stem cell treatments.
With operations extending to Malaysia, Medi Lifestyle is redefining the future of healthcare.

IHH Healthcare’s Lifesaving Initiative

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 16: IHH Healthcare Malaysia has initiated the “Ready For You” campaign to equip individuals with essential lifesaving skills, enabling them to provide swift and accurate intervention during basic medical emergencies.
The campaign offers complimentary Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training to 1,000 employees across diverse service sectors, including private clinics, insurance, education, banking, hospitality, and e-hailing.
This initiative aims to create more first responders in consumer-facing services.Jean-François Naa, CEO of IHH Healthcare Malaysia, highlighted the importance of immediate action during medical emergencies before professional medical services arrive.
The training in CPR and AED enhances the community’s capacity to offer timely assistance, ultimately increasing the chances of survival.In addition to the training, a downloadable First Aid eBook containing essential tips for managing basic medical emergencies is available on the Gleneagles, Pantai, and Prince Court Medical Centre websites.
A unique hands-on CPR kiosk, a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, has been introduced to educate the community about CPR.
These interactive kiosks will be stationed at selected IHH hospitals and strategic partner locations.

5G Cinema Triumphs

Left to Right: Silver Trak CEO Tim Creswell receiving the ACOMM 5G Innovation Award from John Stanton, CEO of Communications Alliance.

Sydney, Aug 17: Silver Trak Digital’s 5G Cinema Direct service secured the Best Mobile Solution award at the ACOMM Awards.
The accolade recognized its use in delivering the Australian Ballet’s live Don Quixote event across the Telstra 5G network.
Developed with Telstra and Cradlepoint 5G solutions, Cinema Direct facilitates seamless connectivity to a global content interchange.
This success showcases the potential of delivering professional content via 5G cellular connections. Cinemas can effortlessly adopt Cinema Direct 5G, offering high-quality output and ease of use.
The ACOMM Awards celebrate excellence in telecommunications and innovation.

MR D.I.Y. Revs Up Cycling Deals

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 17: MR D.I.Y.’s “Merdeka Mega Sale” is a treat for cycling enthusiasts, showcasing an array of cycling accessories just in time for the upcoming National Day celebrations. As an iconic homegrown brand, MR D.I.Y. is renowned for its diverse offerings and is now focusing on catering to the cycling community. This move aims to inspire Malaysians of all ages to embrace the popular recreational sport, encouraging outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle that contributes to the nation’s well-being.According to Alex Goh, MR D.I.Y.’s Head of Marketing, this initiative aligns with the brand’s commitment to promoting various interests. The sale not only introduces cycling gear but also invites Malaysians to relish the country’s natural beauty while staying active and fit. The sale features a wide range of cycling accessories at up to 50% off, including bicycle bags, saddles, helmets, lights, and more.Notably, the collection incorporates products like Jalur Gemilang flags in various sizes, allowing everyone to display their patriotic spirit during the festive period. MR D.I.Y.’s Merdeka Mega Sale boasts over 130 showcased items, with discounts of up to 50% on select products. The sale extends throughout August and encompasses a diverse array of offerings, spanning household items, hardware, sports gear, and more.Highlighted products include EVEREADY super heavy-duty AA batteries (8’s) at RM12.50, waterproof handlebar bags at RM12.50, and breathable face masks at RM3.50. The MR D.I.Y. Group’s subsidiaries, MR. DOLLAR and MR TOY, also join in the celebration with special sales on snacks, beverages, and toys, all available at budget-friendly prices. For a convenient shopping experience, customers can visit MR D.I.Y.’s stores nationwide or explore their online platform, Additional information can be found on their website and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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