Barbie Album’s Streaming Success

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In just three weeks after the movie’s premiere, Spotify users have embraced the extended edition of The Barbie Album, streaming its 19 songs over 514 million times. A standout track, “What Was I Made For” by Billie Eilish, amassed a remarkable 111 million streams, making it the most-played song on the official movie album. Additionally, Aqua emerged as the artist that gained the most new listeners among all those featured on the album.Five tracks from The Barbie Album have climbed onto the Billboard Hot 100, including Ryan Gosling’s debut song, “I’m Just Ken”, marking a significant milestone for the acclaimed actor.The analysis, conducted by educational music platform Music Industry How To, closely monitored Spotify data for Barbie-related music both before and after the movie’s release on July 21st. The album, which shares its name with the highly-anticipated film, boasts 11 fresh compositions and eight previously released tracks.Top 10 Most Streamed Barbie Songs on Spotify

Spotify Records Soaring Streams for Barbie Album Tracks Following Movie Premiere.
Spotify Records Soaring Streams for Barbie Album Tracks Following Movie Premiere.
  • “What Was I Made For” by Billie Eilish: 111,432,602 streams
  • “Barbie World” by Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Aqua: 94,903,901 streams
  • “Dance The Night” by Dua Lipa: 94,175,427 streams
  • “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX: 39,830,651 streams
  • “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling: 33,707,097 streams
  • “WATATI” by KAROL G, Aldo Ranks: 20,055,853 streams
  • “Pink” by Lizzo: 17,903,678 streams
  • “Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max: 14,709,237 streams
  • “Man I Am” by Sam Smith: 13,587,035 streams
  • “Forever & Again” by The Kid LAROI: 11,814,245 streams

The cumulative streams for the songs on The Barbie Album reached a staggering 514,341,795 within the initial three weeks after the movie’s release. Notably, Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For” experienced the fastest daily streaming momentum among all known Barbie songs, with an average of nearly 2.5 million streams per day. Its count surged to 132,371,274 streams in just three weeks.The impact of the movie revitalized Aqua’s listenership, propelling the band from 13.5 million listeners at the start of July to an impressive 38.5 million by mid-August, gaining 15.3 million new listeners between July 21st and August 11th alone. This surge was mirrored in the extraordinary performance of their classic “Barbie Girl” from 1997, which saw a 21.3 million stream increase since the movie’s premiere.Billie Eilish, known for her strong presence, gathered an additional 13 million monthly listeners since releasing her latest Barbie-themed single, “What Was I Made For.”
Ryan Gosling, who played Ken in the movie, attained a substantial 941,474 new listeners during the opening weekend, and an impressive 9,631,252 over three weeks. With “I’m Just Ken” debuting at number 87 on the Billboard Hot 100, Gosling achieved his first-ever entry on the prestigious chart.A representative from Music Industry How To expressed, “The orchestrated campaign featuring well-known artists generated excitement for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. With a lineup of Barbie-themed releases from Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eilish leading up to the movie, the stage was set to captivate pop music enthusiasts and set them abuzz about Barbie.”Music Industry How To serves as an educational resource hub for singers, songwriters, producers, and various professionals in the music industry.

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