Australia’s Digital Work Insights

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Sydney, July 27: Adobe’s report, “The Future of Digital Work: Australia,” explores attitudes towards digital technologies and productivity among Australian knowledge workers. Despite 82 per cent acknowledging the importance of digital technologies in their work, digital proficiency lags, with only 1 in 10 claiming to be top experts. The most valued digital tools are digital documents (72 per cent), collaboration technology (65 per cent), and video conferencing (58 per cent).
Generative AI is highly anticipated, with 58 per cent of workers expecting regular utilization in the future. Respondents believe it accelerates work processes, eliminates redundant tasks, and allows more time for meaningful work. However, only 22 per cent reported current use in their companies, and barriers to adoption include security concerns and a lack of understanding.
A paradigm shift is occurring in defining productivity, with Australians valuing impact alongside volume and speed. 52 per cent of knowledge workers prioritize impactful work, surpassing their leaders (43 per cent). Economic uncertainty has less impact on productivity in Australia (58 per cent) compared to the global average (72 per cent), and hybrid working arrangements are rated the least disruptive factor.
While 89 per cent recognize the importance of technology in enhancing productivity, 87 per cent agree that poor technology negatively affects their productivity, with 12 per cent stating it kills productivity. Poor technology costs companies up to 6 months of work per year, with leaders losing 2-4 hours daily due to substandard tools. This impacts talent retention, with 13 per cent considering quitting their job due to work technology constraints.
Chandra Sinnathamby, Director at Adobe, emphasizes the need to embrace digital technologies to unlock productivity and satisfaction in the future workforce. Automation and AI have the potential to revolutionize work, while generative AI can enhance document workflows and deliver higher-quality work. Overcoming barriers and embracing technology will empower productivity and unleash workers’ full potential.

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