Unusual Cruise Ship Jobs

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By June Ramli

Welcome aboard Carnival Splendor, Sydney’s very own Carnival cruise ship, where a world of incredible onboard activities and dining options awaits you. With a generous capacity to accommodate over 3,000 guests, providing the beloved and exciting Carnival cruise experience requires the dedication of an extensive team of more than 1,100 skilled individuals working diligently to keep the ship sailing smoothly and delivering the utmost fun that guests cherish.
Curious to explore the lesser-known roles that contribute to the magic onboard? Here are five intriguing jobs on Carnival Splendor that might surprise you!

Dwayne Wilson.
Food Operations Manager

Meet Dwayne Wilson, the Food Operations Manager hailing from Guyana. Onboard Carnival Splendor, where a vast array of dining options awaits, from mouthwatering burgers and pizzas to sizzling flame-grilled steaks, food preparation takes center stage. Behind the scenes, Wilson is the master ensuring that every culinary delight reaches your table.
Heading a team of 50 dedicated Galley Attendants, Wilson oversees the preparation of the galley for food services and ensures a constant supply of clean plates and cutlery for guests. He meticulously maintains the galleys and restaurants, upholding impeccable hygiene standards and ensuring all equipment is in top-notch condition. With Wilson at the helm, you can trust that your food will be delivered promptly and with utmost care.

Conde Hazel.
Aquatic Assistant

Conde Hazel, hailing from the Philippines, plays a vital role as one of Carnival Splendor’s aquatic attendants. With a stunning array of four pools, seven spas, and two massive thrill slides on board, the water zones are a major attraction for guests. Conde takes on the responsibility of ensuring these aquatic areas are always prepared and safe for everyone to enjoy. With a watchful eye and keen attention to detail, Conde ensures that all guests can have a delightful and worry-free experience while making a splash on the Carnival Splendor.

Gemilang Romadoni
Printing Specialist

Hailing from Indonesia, Gemilang Romadoni plays a crucial role as a printing specialist on your cruise. Ever wondered who takes care of printing all the brochures, daily schedules, posters, and more during your voyage? Well, chances are, it’s someone like Gemilang who is dedicated to handling all the onboard printing assets. With his expertise, the cruise ship’s printed materials are in capable hands, ensuring that guests have access to essential information and memorable keepsakes throughout their journey.

Fun Squad 

Meet Elizabeth Jessica Clough, fondly known as “Lizzie” from England. As part of the dynamic Fun Squad onboard, Lizzie plays a key role in living up to the ship’s reputation as the “fun ship.” Embodying the spirit of joy and excitement, she is a valuable member of the entertainment team, orchestrating a diverse range of events, from lively Bingo sessions and engaging Trivia contests to energetic Music parties and even entertaining karaoke sessions. Lizzie’s mission is simple but significant: to spread FUN wherever she goes and ensure all guests have a fantastic time during their cruise experience.

Ratih Kurniasari.

Indonesian born Ratih Kurniasari keeps close to 1,100 crew members uniforms spick and span at any one time. The onboard tailor is also responsible for repairing crew uniforms and conducting minor repairs on guest clothes.

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