Sekinchan Embraces Digital Transformation

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Located just 100 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Sekinchan is a picturesque village known for its lush paddy fields and fresh seafood.
It offers a perfect weekend road trip for city dwellers seeking tranquility and a taste of local culture. However, like many rural areas, Sekinchan faced significant disruptions to its businesses due to the pandemic, prompting the need for digitalization and online operations.
Leong, the owner of Kayapo, a family business passed down through generations, experienced this shift firsthand. Originally planning to set up shop in Kuala Lumpur, Leong had to relocate to Sekinchan due to travel restrictions. When tourism boomed after borders reopened, Leong and his son, Billy, shifted their focus to cater to weekend tourists. However, they soon realized the need to keep up with the demands of patrons from bigger cities.
The influx of tourists also made locals like Ah Mei, a hawker operating in Pantai Redang, realize the importance of competing with larger businesses in terms of marketing and customer experience.
Ah Mei embraced digitalization by offering cashless payments through QR codes, attracting more customers and enjoying the convenience and growth opportunities it brought.

Billy helps his father at Kayapo, a shop selling traditional kaya and “zongzi”.
Small business owner, Sivabalan, is glad to be on board the cashless trend.

Other locals, such as Sivabalan, who runs a flower business, also recognized the benefits of going cashless. The ease and speed of DuitNow QR codes simplified payments for customers and relieved Sivabalan of the hassle of dealing with loose change.
Hong Leong Bank (HLB) saw the potential of cashless transactions in Sekinchan and offered its expertise to help the local businesses and community recover. Through face-to-face interactions and collaboration with community leaders, HLB successfully motivated the community to embrace digitalization.
The positive impact of digitalization on Sekinchan’s economy led to the village being seen as a role model for other small towns and villages in Malaysia.
HLB’s cashless campaign bridged the digital divide between urban and rural areas, showcasing how digital payments can enhance the tourist experience and facilitate the growth of smaller businesses alongside larger ones.
As the success of the cashless campaign in Sekinchan unfolds, the village serves as a blueprint for other rural areas in Malaysia.
HLB’s Project Cashless Lagi Senang has played a crucial role in fostering digital transformation and facilitating economic growth. With domestic tourism on the rise and the “Visit Sekinchan 2023” campaign underway, the community is eager to showcase the charms of their seaside village, fueled by the possibilities offered by digitalization.

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