VICTOR FOXTROT’s Colorful Table Lamp

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German design brand VICTOR FOXTROT has unveiled its latest creation, the ALL ROUND MINI table lamp, designed to infuse any space with a vibrant personality through its wide range of color options. The lamp’s monochromatic consistency showcases hues such as red, yellow, pink, and more, giving the impression that each lamp is formed from a single mold. Upon touching, one can appreciate the tactile contrasts between warm and cool, soft and hard, adding an interactive element to the lamp’s design.
The lampshade of the ALL ROUND MINI is adorned with exquisite Vidar fabric, designed by Raf Simons for Kvadrat, while the cable is wrapped in textile material. The shade itself features a matte gold foil lining, which creates a soft and cozy ambiance when the lamp is illuminated. The sculptural shape of the ALL ROUND MINI ensures it stands out in any room, whether placed alone or as part of an ensemble. It effortlessly complements various settings, such as beside a sofa, on a desk, windowsill, or sideboard, making it a versatile lighting solution. The lamp is both designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, ensuring attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.
The ALL ROUND family includes two additional sizes, the ALL ROUND MIDI and ALL ROUND TALL, offering options to suit different preferences and spaces. The lamp is constructed using powder-coated steel, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic. The collection showcases a range of captivating colors, including blood orange, ocean blue, grass green, dark green, and more, allowing customers to select the perfect shade to match their interior style.
VICTOR FOXTROT’s philosophy centers around elaborate solutions and meticulous manual production. With their own metal workshop, the brand streamlines the process from concept to prototype to final product. Each piece within the collection embodies VICTOR FOXTROT’s love for detail, with careful consideration given to every screw, joint, angle, and material, resulting in captivating and appealing objects that stand out in any space.
The founders of VICTOR FOXTROT, Florian Vogel and Carolin Kreidel, bring their unique expertise to the brand. Florian, who previously worked as a designer at Ingo Maurer, values light as an integral part of interior design, while Carolin, with a background in the luxury fashion industry, contributes her strategic vision and collection development skills. Their shared passion for color, clean lines, and timelessness shapes the distinctive profile of VICTOR FOXTROT.
The ALL ROUND MINI table lamp is now available for purchase, with the option for custom forms and individual colors upon request. The retail price for the lamp is €750 WHS (including VAT), and delivery time is estimated at approximately one to two weeks. VICTOR FOXTROT continues to offer meticulously crafted products that combine a sincere attitude with a bold approach to color, solidifying its position as a dynamic and innovative design brand within the industry.

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