Empowering Southeast Asian Startups

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First Move, a new early-stage fund led by former Fave executives Audra Pakalnyte and Joel Neoh, is set to drive innovation and growth for consumer-focused startups in Southeast Asia.
With a commitment to providing crucial pre-seed funding of up to US$100,000, the fund aims to accelerate the success of emerging ventures in the region.
Currently, First Move boasts a portfolio of seven companies spanning Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
As founders themselves, Audra Pakalnyte and Joel Neoh understand the challenges faced by early-stage startups and offer more than just capital injection.
They believe in guiding and mentoring entrepreneurs, providing access to valuable industry connections, and supporting them on their journey to long-term success.
The collaborative approach of First Move extends to partnerships with other venture capital firms in the region, such as 500 Global.
Additionally, the fund has established the Consumer Tech Angel Syndicate, comprising experienced founders and executives in the consumer space, who will co-invest in First Move deals and provide hands-on support to the startups.
With their combined experience and passion for fostering entrepreneurial growth, Audra Pakalnyte and Joel Neoh are poised to make a significant impact in reshaping the consumer technology landscape in Southeast Asia.
First Move’s strategic investments in e-commerce and D2C startups reflect their dedication to empowering the next generation of founders in the region.

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