China Joins GSMA Open Gateway

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Shanghai, June 26: The GSMA Open Gateway initiative has gained momentum with the participation of three major operators in China: China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. This global industry framework aims to facilitate the development of digital services and mobile apps by fostering collaboration between developers, cloud providers, and mobile operators. Through a set of open network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs), the initiative enables universal access to operator networks across continents, spanning from North America to Australia and from Norway to Argentina. With the inclusion of these Chinese operators, the initiative now enjoys support from 29 mobile network operators, representing approximately 60 percent of mobile connections worldwide.
The initiative, which initially launched with eight proofs of concept, has now expanded to 23. The APIs developed through early adopter programs cover various aspects, including device location, SIM swap prevention for combating online financial crime, Quality on Demand for delivering immersive gaming experiences and enabling data-intensive missions for drones. The commitment of China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom to collaborate on the open network API framework highlights the initiative’s global significance and strong business potential, given that China is the largest 5G market in the world.
Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, emphasizes the growing critical mass and global reach of the initiative, comparing its potential impact to the harmonization of mobile voice services and roaming facilitated by the GSMA 35 years ago. Granryd anticipates the development of more APIs through early adopter programs in the coming year, leading to the creation of new global markets and the introduction of innovative services and functionalities. This growth is expected to unlock the value of 5G connectivity, benefiting the global economy and driving future investments.
Gao Tongqing, EVP of China Mobile, expresses the company’s commitment to opening up network capabilities and contributing to the development of the digital economy. He believes that the GSMA Open Gateway initiative will enable industry partners to reach different mobile networks and a broader global audience, accelerating the market availability of immersive technologies, driving innovation in digital products and services, and meeting customers’ aspirations for a better digital future.
Li Jun, EVP of China Telecom, emphasizes the company’s focus on providing the best mobile experience for its customers. Participating in this leading mobile industry development is seen as invaluable to China Telecom. Jun believes that collaboration and common frameworks among mobile operators, developers, and cloud providers will create new opportunities and drive the growth of new industries and experiences. China Telecom welcomes the GSMA’s efforts to pioneer interoperability in the new 5G digital economy and looks forward to working with industry partners to achieve success.
Liang Baojun, EVP of China Unicom, highlights the company’s attention to and leadership in open network capabilities. Baojun believes that the Open Gateway initiative will play a crucial role in accelerating innovation in the telecoms industry and unlocking new opportunities for 5G and ultra-fast broadband connectivity. By establishing an ecosystem that facilitates federated network APIs, the initiative presents significant opportunities to accelerate the development of new immersive communication services, benefiting society and the global economy.

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