AU: ATO Strengthens Trust

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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has launched a refreshed ATO Charter, formerly known as the Taxpayers’ Charter, to enhance trust and confidence within the Australian community.
The Charter provides guidance on interactions with the ATO, the ATO’s commitments, taxpayer expectations, and steps to address dissatisfaction.
ATO Assistant Commissioner Katherine Philp emphasized the importance of community feedback in shaping the Charter’s revision, with consultations revealing the need for improved accessibility and acknowledgment of support for vulnerable individuals.
The streamlined Charter maintains important commitments while prioritizing clarity and user-friendliness, aiming to strengthen the relationship of trust between the ATO and the community.
In other news, research commissioned by the humanitarian aid organization CARE Australia highlights a concerning gap between awareness and action when it comes to charitable donations.
Despite 80 percent of Australians knowing they can claim tax deductions for donations over $2, the majority are not converting this awareness into contributions.
The study delves into the charitable habits of Australians during tax season, revealing that 50 percent do not donate every year, and one in eight individuals has never donated to charity.
CARE Australia CEO Peter Walton expresses gratitude for the support received, citing the positive impact of funds raised in the previous year, which assisted 1.44 million people across 14 countries affected by poverty, war, disasters, and climate crises.
Walton emphasizes the potential for an even greater impact if more Australians consider donating during tax time, effectively doubling the results achieved.
The research identifies healthcare as the most popular sector for donations, with 61 percent of respondents selecting it.
However, support for addressing global poverty lags behind, with only 27 percent of Australians willing to donate to this cause.
Walton underscores the urgency of tackling the global poverty crisis, especially considering concurrent crises like inflation, climate emergencies, the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and a global hunger emergency. Increased support from Australians is crucial to drive change and assist those most vulnerable in these challenging circumstances.
CARE Australia urges Australians to utilize their tax-deductible funds before the end of the financial year to contribute to charities focused on combating global poverty.
Walton highlights the importance of ongoing support and the multiplier effect of empowering women to lift themselves out of poverty, benefiting not only themselves but also four others.
CARE Australia ambassador Antoinette Lattouf echoes the significance of supporting organizations that fight global poverty, particularly during times of conflict and economic downturn.
She encourages making tax-deductible donations to CARE Australia and emphasizes the organization’s focus on empowering women as a key strategy to overcome poverty.
According to CARE’s research, 53 percent of Australians plan to make a donation before June 30.
The article concludes by highlighting the opportunity for the remaining population to find a cause they care about, not only to make a lasting impact but also to benefit from the financial advantages of the tax season.

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