Joust Connect Shakes Up Broker Industry

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Joust Marketplace, Australia’s leading online home loans marketplace, has introduced an innovative solution for mortgage brokers, addressing the challenges of acquiring quality leads and establishing customer contact.
The game-changing feature, Joust Connect, aims to revolutionize the industry by providing brokers with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and innovation.
According to Anny Le Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer of Joust, brokers have long awaited a catalyst for their growth, and Joust Connect fulfills that need.
This groundbreaking functionality establishes an internal team dedicated to seamlessly connecting brokers with consumers who have genuine home loan requirements and a strong desire to engage.
The primary objective of the Joust Connect team is to facilitate real-time connections between brokers and consumers.
This transformative feature is designed to streamline customer acquisition for brokers and fundamentally transform the way they interact with borrowers.
Le Wilson emphasizes that Joust Connect is just the beginning, with more exciting features planned for release this year.
The platform empowers brokers to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve their business goals more effectively.
Joust Connect is seamlessly integrated within the Joust Marketplace platform and delivers high-intent consumers to brokers based on their geographical preferences.
This ensures that brokers receive a steady flow of engaged prospects genuinely interested in their services, with connections only established when consumers provide consent.
Even when brokers are unavailable, the Joust Connect team books appointments using calendar access to ensure no opportunity goes untapped.
The unique advantage of Joust Connect lies in its real-time warm transfers, enabling brokers to have more impactful conversations with prospects.
The Joust Marketplace platform manages the acquisition process, and brokers now operate on a cost-per-connection basis, paying only when they are connected over the phone or during an appointment. This approach ensures cost-effectiveness, maximizes upfront revenue opportunities, and facilitates the growth of their trailbooks.
Joust Marketplace is actively developing a new user journey to drive volume for brokers, automating the platform further and creating a dedicated broker hub within the Joust platform.
These additions will provide brokers with even more empowerment and education.
Joust Connect is purpose-built for brokers and represents a mission-critical solution for the industry.
It equips brokers with a wealth of high-intent consumers and an unparalleled return on investment.
Joust Marketplace continues to redefine customer acquisition for mortgage brokers, offering an unmatched approach to acquiring high-quality leads and supporting the growth of their broker partners.

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