Space-Tech Startup Raises $2.2M 

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Australian space tech startup Arlula has successfully raised AUD$2.2 million (USD$1.5 million) in funding to enhance accessibility to Earth Observation (EO) data and imagery.
The investment, led by Main Sequence and Black Nova Venture Capital, aims to empower individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises to leverage the full potential of EO data.
Satellites have revolutionized Earth monitoring, enabling governments and organizations to track environmental changes, wildlife patterns, natural disasters, and urbanization.
By facilitating broader access to EO imagery and data, Arlula enables industry leaders to make informed decisions, foster innovation, and enhance financial performance.
Co-founded by Sebastian Chaoui and Arran Salerno, Arlula seeks to rapidly deliver comprehensive imagery and data, bridging the gap between satellite data and operational and commercial utilization. The funding will facilitate expansion into new markets and further develop Arlula’s Geostack Terra platform, which offers unparalleled access to both live and historical EO data.
This platform enables businesses to remotely monitor challenging or hazardous locations, such as offshore oil rigs and mines, reducing the need for physical inspections and driving cost and time savings. Arlula’s innovative approach to connecting the satellite industry with customer needs has positioned it at the forefront of the growing global space industry.
Through partnerships with satellite operators and data suppliers, Arlula aggregates extensive satellite imagery archives and provides businesses with cloud-based access and management of satellite data. This eliminates the need for complex integrations, lengthy contracts, and negotiations, benefiting sectors such as mining, oil and gas, and forestry.
The Australian Space Agency recognizes the importance of EO data and technologies in various applications, including agriculture, resource management, disaster response, and climate science. Arlula’s commercial success, backed by private investors, showcases the value of space technology for both the market and the Australian population.
Notably, Arlula collaborates with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and offers access to archive data dating back to NASA’s 1972 Landsat Program.

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