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By Linda Willow Roberts

Wow, firstly I have to say Spirit works in mysterious ways, I am new to TikTok over the last few weeks I have started posting and watching Tarot card readings and channelled messages, why?  Because I was intrigued with how and what they were saying and I love watching how the mass consciousness expansion has happened compared to when I started on my spiritual journey 35 years ago. Then to my surprise I was asked to write this article, I don’t know why I was shocked because I do work in sync with the Universe 24/7, so apparently, I was researching all along. Which I might add gave me an unbiased view because I didn’t know. 
Perfect don’t you think? Social media has certainly helped in that respect, and also given a platform and a wage too many people that wouldn’t of had that opportunity before.  When I first started out it was like coming out of the closet and my family sort of had an intervention! (he he) I still get the odd person misjudging me and asking what side of the coin I’m on, meaning light or dark, good or evil.  
I only work with white light and only for everyone’s highest good, I don’t judge: that is not up to me, but I do believe in personal lessons and Karma so I keep my own l counsel and try and be the best version of me. So down the reader Tik Tok rabbit hole I went, one after another as I flicked through the feed, now I do have a strong belief that what is for you will never go past you, and while I have maintained a very serious and constant spiritual journey and practice in keeping my vibration elevated and clear, my faith and my expectation is that I attract what I radiate like a magnet pulling towards me similar energies. 
So, in saying that I was quietly surprised at the accuracy of the readers I was seeing, all using tarot cards or oracle cards and interestingly very apt for what was going on in my life at that particular time.  
So, I started scrolling and noticed it seemed to be a theme and other readers was saying similar things and pulling similar cards, now as a Spiritual Teacher and Publisher of my own oracle cards (I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards).
I know if the same message is being pulled by several people, then you better listen because “The Universe” is trying to get a message to you. So, listen! I then found a handful of readers that were channelling messages prior to doing their card readings, again which were very clear accurate message from spirit and they then used the tarot cards to back up what they had just channelled.  So, I was starting to see a pattern in the messages.  
As I become more aware of the the timeline and how it was mirroring what was happening in my life, I made sure that the reading on the feed was a current date, so I would pop into their homepage to see if it was a present reading or past, and if it was past I would move on till I located the right timeline that I was enquiring about. Most times when I resonated with the readings I liked and followed the reader and to my surprise they followed me in return with only a third messaging me asking if I would like a reading. 
They offered personal readings for little money and I didn’t take them up on the offer and kindly declined, they did not harass me in anyway shape or form.  But, I did feel an infinity with each of them but, they didn’t know who I was, even though on my home page it clearly states I am a International Author and Speaker , Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Theta healer and Reiki Master.  I wondered had they researched me or did they feel so comfortable in their abilities that they did not care, which is wonderful having that confidence in one’s gifts. Personally, I think they just needed the money, one was from England, two were from USA. 
I wanted to reassure you they weren’t from other countries. I had just watched them live! I did scroll past a very small few readers that didn’t resonate with me, only because you do not make the story fit, if they are drawing cards and putting together the pieces of the puzzle that is coming through and it isn’t about you, don’t try and make it fit. So, you just move on.  Another thing that caught my eye visually was on the page while they are doing the reading, they have listed number sequences and star signs that have come up in the cards and a narrative of the story line so it is easy to grab your attention if you’re looking for signs. What it comes down to is your energy and what you attract and research, if you do the research and find someone that resonates with you and not just tells you what you want to hear, but also tells you lessons and how you can help yourself or improve your situation and comes from a loving place and it sits right with you then trust that, pull back and centre yourself and ask spirit for a sign who can give you clear honest messages.  
I few times I moved off listening to the readings when the person got excited about other people receiving their karma from God, because that isn’t what I’m about, I deal with no harm to anybody and someone else’s lessons is none of my business. Please come from a place of love. I’m a manifestor I think speak and act on purpose and I use my oracle cards, astrology, my guides, channelled messages,  as a guide to know what energy I am dealing with and when to push forward and when to wait, 99 per cent of the time all I need to do is just align stop and listen and the answer is within.  I am great with other people but as any reader intuitive knows, reading for yourself is the hardest. Mind battles the heart out of your heads and back into your heart.
There’s definitely a price difference, I was offered a reading for $10 when I declined the first time. I couldn’t comprehend that! It would have been a general card reading but for US$10U wow, that is someone’s bread and butter.
This is reflective of where they are on their journey, some may be just starting out and some may have to do work on self-worth and valuing themselves and their work but there is so many of them on TikTok fighting to make ends meet I hope it doesn’t put them into a scarcity way of thinking. But what it is doing for them is putting them into service for the divine and that in itself will bring them good karma.  
The natural talent some of these people have is extraordinary and they quite possibly have come from family lines of seers. As do I. The only difference is opportunity and believing anything is possible. To explain the difference in my world: My peers and I have been certified at some stage by an international person in Mediumship, me it was with Lisa Williams 2015 she gave me a scholarship I will always be very grateful. I have done so many modalities in the last 35 years and I keep up skilling with whatever the newest thing spirit guides me to do, I have studied at Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead  with Tony Stockwell, I have had private access into some of the worlds amazing sacred sites, picked up ancient knowledge and wisdom wherever I have travelled and so much more on my spiritual pilgrimage. 
So therefore, with theory and wisdom and practical knowledge and experience comes the price and quality of workmanship. I researched some of my peers’ prices and for 45 minutes psychic/mediumship reading your looking at $250 upwards. What isn’t evident is the behind the scenes work they do and have done and the training it takes to build that muscle up, and teach the next generation.  
I have spiritual friends that are amazing and talented at what they do and I am in awe of their capabilities one thing we all do whether trained or not is we trust in the Universe, God, the Creator, Source, Spirit whatever word you want to use, there is something greater than us and we are here to help you to discover that in you.  Use your discernment, word of mouth is always a great reference ask for a sign and find who resonates with you. 

About the author: Linda Willow Roberts is an Australian-based psychic reader. This is an opinion column. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this publication.

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