Tasty Halal-Friendly Instant Noodles

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By June Ramli

Australian-based company Wholesome Bowl is shaking up the instant noodle market with their range of nutritious, affordable, and convenient meal options.
The flagship range includes Cheerful Chicken Bowl and Balanced Beef Bowl, both of which are rich in functional nutrients, such as 17g of protein, 6g of fibre, and 16 essential vitamins and minerals.

A review of Australian instant noodles, Cheerful Chicken Bowl and Balanced Beef Bowl, manufactured in a Halal-certified facility in Malaysia, with a preference for the Beef flavor.

Founder Mez Jamali, who previously served as CEO of Halo Top Ice Cream, spent two years developing the healthy instant noodles in accordance with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand guidelines.
Wholesome Bowl is committed to making nutrient-rich foods accessible to all income classes, combatting food insecurity with affordable and convenient meals.
Their products are not only healthy but also delicious, with authentic-tasting noodle flavours that blend traditional recipes with modern dietetics.
Consumers can enjoy the noodles in soup or dry form, and both options are perfect for busy lifestyles or as an emergency meal option.

The company’s innovative range is breaking away from the traditionally unhealthy reputation of instant noodles, delivering essential nutrients that help consumers feel whole and balanced while meeting their evolving expectations.
By offering more than just “free from” options, Wholesome Bowl is catering to health-conscious consumers who demand functional foods.
Jamali’s expertise in launching and distributing innovative products, assembling high-performing teams, and making data-driven strategic decisions has proven successful.

Under his leadership, Halo Top became the top “Better-for-you” ice cream brand in major supermarkets from 2020-2022.
Now, with Wholesome Bowl, Mez is revolutionizing the instant noodle market and offering consumers healthy, affordable, and convenient meal options.
I recently had the opportunity to sample two types of Australian instant noodles: Cheerful Chicken Bowl and Balanced Beef Bowl.
Although they were non-halal, the publicists promoting the brand assured me that Wholesome Bowl is halal-friendly and their manufacturing facility is Halal certified.

A review of Australian instant noodles, Cheerful Chicken Bowl and Balanced Beef Bowl, manufactured in a Halal-certified facility in Malaysia, with a preference for the Beef flavor

I was surprised to find out that they were made in Malaysia, my home country, which gave me peace of mind to consume them without any doubt.
Both flavours were delicious, and you could enjoy them either as a soup or a dry dish like IndoMee.
I personally preferred them in a soup version.
These instant noodles are great to have on hand for an emergency, especially if you live alone or fall sick. A bowl of Cheerful Chicken Bowl or Balanced Beef Bowl is sure to lift your spirits when you’re feeling under the weather.
If I had to choose, I’d pick the Beef version over the Chicken one.
The Balanced Beef Bowl reminded me of Vietnamese beef noodles or pho, which I absolutely love.
The soup was flavourful and had a nice depth to it, making it a satisfying meal on its own.
In conclusion, I highly recommend Wholesome Bowl instant noodles.
They are tasty, easy to prepare, and can come in handy during a time of need.
Plus, if you’re a fan of beef noodles or pho, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Balanced Beef Bowl!

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