Review: Herman Brot Products

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By June Ramli

Australian bread brand, Herman Brot, has recently introduced a new addition to their low-carb, high protein, and low-GI range – the Low Carb Sourdough.
With only 5.2g carbs per serve and 16.9g protein per serve, this new product satisfies the needs of health-conscious consumers who are looking for a low-carb sourdough option.
Herman Brot’s Low Carb Sourdough comes in a 550g Vienna-style unsliced loaf and is oven preheated, sliced, and toasted for that crusty sourdough feel.
The Low Carb Sourdough is the third bread in the Herman Brot Bread range alongside their popular Complete Protein and Lower Carb breads.

Herman Brot Keeps Re-inventing Bread With Their New Lower Carb Sourdough.
Satisfy your cravings without the guilt with Herman Brot’s delicious and healthy keto bread, pasta, and wraps.

All Herman Brot breads carry a five-star health rating, are made using plant-based protein, and are vegan.
The Low Carb Sourdough is available at select independent supermarkets, health food stores, and nationally at Coles.
I recently had the opportunity to sample a selection of products from Herman Brot, an Australian-made brand based in Queensland.
These included a loaf of Keto bread, Keto pasta, and a high protein, low carb wrap.

Herman Brot Keeps Re-inventing Bread With Their New Lower Carb Sourdough.
Upgrade your diet game with Herman Brot’s high protein, low carb products that taste just as good as regular bread and pasta.

Before receiving these products, I must confess that I had never heard of the brand – Herman Brot.
My usual go-to bread is sourdough from Coles, and in Malaysia, I tend to opt for bread from Gardenia.
But I was pleasantly surprised by the Herman Brot products, particularly as I had been planning to restart my Keto diet.
The Keto bread was delicious and as tasty as any regular bread you’d find in a supermarket.
The pasta, however, was average for me.
It took a while to soften, and when I paired it with salmon, the taste was alright.
I think the Keto pasta would be great for those who are health-conscious and already used to eating foods in this domain.
For me, it took some time to get used to.
However, I plan to try it with another recipe to see if the taste differs.
Finally, the wrap was the star of the show for me.
I enjoyed it just as much as the Keto bread.
All in all, I love Herman Brot bread and would recommend it to anyone who is health-conscious or diet-conscious.
It tastes just like normal bread but with the added benefit of being low in carbs.

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