Product Spotlight: Herman Brot 

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Australian- Made Herman Brot’s Lower Carb Sourdough is a unique bread that stands out from the crowd due to its distinctive taste and texture, impressive nutritional benefits, and low carbohydrate content. While most sourdough breads are high in carbohydrates, Herman Brot’s Lower Carb Sourdough has only 5.2g of carbs per serving, making it an ideal choice for people who are conscious of their carb intake. Additionally, this bread is vegan and provides 16.9g of protein per serve, satisfying people’s protein needs.
This Vienna-style unsliced loaf comes in a 550g size and can be oven reheated, sliced, and toasted to give it a crusty sourdough feel.
Herman Brot’s Lower Carb Sourdough has a mild sourdough taste and a delicious textured loaf that will leave you wanting more.
Christian Coenen, the director and founder of Herman Brot, expressed his delight in the success of their latest product. He and his team have been working on this product for the past 12 months, and they are excited to offer a sourdough that meets their low carb, high protein, and low GI brand requirements.
The Herman Brot Lower Carb Sourdough is the third bread in the Herman Brot Bread range, which includes the popular Complete Protein and Lower Carb breads.
All Herman Brot breads carry a five-star health rating and are made using plant-based protein, making them vegan-friendly.
You can find Herman Brot’s Lower Carb Sourdough at COLES and select Independent Supermarkets, including IGA’s/Foodlands/Foodworks, and health food stores.
Try it today and experience the delicious taste and impressive nutritional benefits of this unique sourdough bread.

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