Kid-Friendly Kitchen Recipes

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Children are normally exploding with energy so why not encourage them to put that energy into something that makes use of their time and creativity like cooking!
Cooking together as a family is a wonderful way to bond and teach your child important life skills.
Plus, with enough practice, they might even become talented chefs one day!
Instead of striving for perfection when your child participates in the cooking process, it’s important to offer praise and appreciation for their efforts and to accept the mess that might come.
That’s why the HelloFresh team has created some easy and super tasty recipes that are perfect for cooking with kids.

Easy Beef Sausages & Garlicky Corn Cobs

A staple dish with a garlicky twist. Very little is required to make these delicate sausages shine. In fact, all you need to add is some garlic and buttery potatoes with corn on the cobs to round out the meal. Serve with bright apple salad and honey-chipotle aioli for the perfect dinner option that the kids will want again and again. 

Crumbed Chicken Dippers & Rosemary Potato Wedges 

It’s no secret that kids love chicken dippers. As well as being able to enjoy the dipping and eating them with their hands, they also have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the dish. Why not let them assist in seasoning the wedges and acquire the skills to coat the chicken with breadcrumbs?

Cheesy Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas

When introducing your kids into the kitchen, you want to start with simple tasks that can’t go wrong, like sprinkling the cheese on the top of these enchiladas before going into the oven to melt away. Using this recipe, kids can also prepare the salad before topping with the delicious enchiladas. 

Quick Hoisin Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry

This is a great recipe to get your kids involved with whilst also encouraging them to eat their veggies! Packed with flavour and full of nutrients, this is perfect for those busy days when you want to whip something up quickly. 

Beef & Red Pesto Meatballs 

The rich red pesto blends beautifully with beef mince to create delicious meatballs with a twist, which children will love mixing and rolling. Let your little ones add a sprinkling of strong Parmesan cheese to complete the dish.

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