New Job Board Launches

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Filmplace, the innovative platform for content creators, has launched its latest service, Filmplace Talent, which aims to revolutionize the talent discovery process.
The first Talent to sign up is Ryan Tan, CEO of Overkill and Ex-Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), indicating the platform’s ongoing collaboration with Ryan to enhance the world of film in Singapore and beyond.
Filmplace Talent connects aspiring actors, directors, producers, and other creative professionals with the film industry, as well as with brands and agencies seeking to cast talent across any area of the creative space. The service boasts a streamlined and user-friendly platform for those offering their services and an industry-first 24-hour payment program that ensures Talent gets paid quickly and fairly.
Designed for professionals from diverse fields of expertise, Filmplace Talent is an open-market platform that matches talented individuals with relevant opportunities in the film industry. It also connects professionals with brands and agencies for advertising and influencer campaigns. Users can receive immediate payment within 24 hours, making it an ideal solution for professionals seeking to achieve their dreams in the fast-paced and competitive film industry.
The Talent’s Portfolio showcases users who have worked on notable projects, demonstrating their ability to create compelling content that resonates with producers. Additionally, the platform displays the demographics and characteristics of the talent, streamlining the hiring process.
The benefits of Filmplace Talent for Talent include showcasing their profile in minutes, exploring global opportunities, empowering talent through 24-hour payment terms, and instant contracts. For production crews and brands, the benefits include streamlined talent discovery, access to a diverse talent pool, efficient communication, faster project completion, cost savings, and instant talent release.
Overall, Filmplace Talent is an innovative platform that simplifies the talent discovery process and connects professionals with relevant opportunities in the film industry. It also enables brands and agencies to find the perfect match for their project, reducing time and cost savings while empowering talent to achieve their dreams.

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