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Sydney, Feb 1: EPOS, the premium audio and video brand, is thrilled to today announce the release of the latest addition to its range of meeting room solutions – the EXPAND Vision 1M. With an ultra-sharp wide-angle 4K USB camera, the EXPAND Vision 1M is designed for companies seeking a simple solution to enlarge their meeting rooms with the use of video to accommodate the growing need for hybrid meetings, while providing professional image quality.
“At EPOS, we’ve had a strong focus on expanding our range of video devices since we entered the market in 2020,” Theis Mørk, VP of Product Management said.
“We believe that to get the most out of meetings, video conferencing needs to be a straightforward experience, free from distractions.
“The EXPAND Vision 1M delivers on that concept by offering customers a hassle-free option to level-up their hybrid meetings and bring professional picture quality to existing meeting room setups.
“Alongside our EXPAND Vision 3T and EXPAND Vision 5 solutions, the launch of the EXPAND Vision 1M means that EPOS now has a portfolio of video solutions that cater to all needs, budgets, and levels of technical know-how.”
The product would be available globally next month.

EPOS Releases New 4K USB Camera

Be Seen at Your Best
With hybrid working set to continue throughout 2023 and beyond, the importance of image quality during virtual meetings should not be understated. Alongside its 4K resolution, the EXPAND Vision 1M features an 8X digital zoom, an integrated electro-mechanical privacy shutter, as well as intelligent picture framing powered by EPOS AI™, which dynamically adjusts based on the number of participants in the meeting to ensure everyone in the room can clearly be seen. Flexible mounting options mean the device can be installed with minimal effort and the camera settings and firmware can be managed and updated remotely using EPOS Manager.
Intuitive Setup
Perfect for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, the EXPAND Vision 1M’s plug-and-play design makes it easy to integrate into any bring-your-own-device meeting room as well as any existing or new meeting room setups that have a compute box, as well as a monitor and speakerphone. The installation of a Kensington lock provides peace of mind that the camera will remain in place.
Trusted Stamp of Approval
Certified and optimised for leading UC providers, means users can enjoy seamless collaboration and focus their attention on the meetings themselves. The EXPAND Vision 1M works in conjunction with any Android or Windows device.

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