Malaysians Into Crypto

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Sydney, Jan 17: Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise in Malaysia, according to Finder’s latest Cryptocurrency Adoption Index.
Twenty per cent of Malaysian adult internet users, an estimated 4.7 million people, said they owned cryptocurrency in the December survey, an increase of two percentage points from October.
Cryptocurrency ownership in Malaysia is well above the global average of 15 per cent, ranking 7th out of the 27 countries included in the study.
Meanwhile, Vietnam has the most cryptocurrency owners (29 per cent), followed by India and Australia (23 per cent each), while Japan and the UK have the fewest crypto owners -six per cent each.
Cryptocurrency editor at, Keegan Francis said that crypto awareness is quite high among Malaysians compared to their global counterparts.
“It’s not surprising crypto adoption is on the rise in Malaysia, given general awareness is quite high, with 63 per cent of Malaysian adults knowing what cryptocurrency is.
“Sixty-one per cent of Malaysian adults think that cryptocurrency is a good investment, well above the global average of 43 per cent and ahead of Vietnam (59 per cent), Hong Kong (42 per cent) and Singapore (37 per cent).

Percentage of adults who own cryptocurrency:

  1. Vietnam: 29%
  2. India: 23%
  3. Australia: 23%
  4. Indonesia: 22%
  5. Philippines: 22%
  6. Nigeria: 21%
  7. Malaysia: 20%
  8. Russia: 20%
  9. Ghana: 17%
  10. Hong Kong: 16%
  11. Singapore: 16%
  12. Kenya: 16%
  13. Argentina: 15%
  14. Mexico: 15%
  15. Venezuela: 15%
  16. Colombia: 14%
  17. Brazil: 14%
  18. Norway: 13%
  19. Canada: 13%
  20. Ireland: 12%
  21. South Africa: 11%
  22. United States: 10%
  23. Sweden: 10%
  24. New Zealand: 9%
  25. Germany: 8%
  26. United Kingdom: 6%
  27. Japan: 6%

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