Spicing Up A Boring Space

By Creative Lab

The business of transforming homes is a big one. With so many key aspects to consider, many people fail to see the value of tile designs when planning for their desired home. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice in today’s tile market and an incohesive selection of tiles could disrupt the home’s design. However, selecting the right tiles will help complement the overall look of the home while remaining timeless. 
Tiles help create a dimensional and stunning look in any space, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, living area, or bedroom. They play an important part in setting the desired ambience of a specific area and tile designs in particular are useful for creating a striking piece of art in any area of your home. Here are some design ideas that incorporate unique tile designs to make your home a functional piece of art.

Turn that boring wall into a unique work of art

The concept of statement pieces in homes is usually reserved for decorative art pieces. However, the same can be done with tiles and makes for a distinctive look amidst its surroundings. For example, piecing together hexagonal tiles in several different combinations of sizes, colours, and textures make for a really unique design. Geometric tiles can also be used alongside standard tiles on walls or as a wall accent to create a bold statement juxtaposed against the rest of a space, turning any plain wall into a statement piece.
Apart from that, you can also use mosaics that are made with small tiles arranged together to form a larger pattern and are another great way of incorporating tile into your home design. Mosaic tiles are rich in history, and have long been used in churches and palaces. They help create an elegant and timeless design, but can also be used to create a more modern and eclectic style. Its versatility allows you to create the perfect look that fits your home. By using different patterned tiles and colours, it will also add some colour and dimension into your space without the need of regular maintenance that painted walls require. 

Using tiles to accentuate and separate a particular space

By using different sets of tiles, you can create a border that separates a particular space, essentially creating different zones within the same area. For example, using unique tiles to accentuate a small corner as a specific space. This can help to ensure that each space has its own purpose and allows for certain objects, furniture or otherwise, to stand out by framing it with tiles. 
Different tile designs can be used to differentiate different areas in a room as well. Using tiles in this way helps to separate the space without a physical barrier, allowing for the creation of an open concept design while still marking off separate areas to highlight the shift of space.
Another great way of creating spaces of interest in an area would be to create tile rugs. As the name implies, this entails creating rug-like shapes with tiles. It is often rectangular in shape, but other shapes may be used as well. This adds a pop of colour and visual texture and allows it to stand out from the surrounding flooring.
One of the more unique tile designs to use is to explore graduating tile designs of alternating light-dark pattern that can help draw the eye to a particular focal point, creating dimension and allowing for visual variation within the space. This makes an area feel like a natural extension of the main walkway, allowing it to seamlessly blend with its surroundings.

Integrating tile designs into built-in furniture

Elaborate and intricate floor tiles may look aesthetically pleasing, but they’re best used in smaller spaces, as installing a large quantity into an open space can seem overpowering and may overwhelm the senses of occupants and visitors alike, therefore, can potentially disrupt the visual harmony of the home’s design.
A truly unique design choice would be to incorporate tiles into furniture, allowing for the elaborate tiles to be used in a way that adds value to the space. It’s visually intriguing without being too chaotic, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer an otherwise clean and simple design, yet still desire a splash of colour and variety in their space. For instance, a simple kitchen island can be transformed into a statement piece by tiling it with elaborate and intricate tiles, allowing for the creation of a functional showpiece that may be placed against an otherwise simple backdrop.
Transforming a house into a home is an interesting challenge, but a simple step would be to incorporate different tiles into the design to make it uniquely yours.

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