Happy New Year

By June Ramli

As the year draws to a close, literary hours as I write this, I have decided to write a small wrap-up and say Thank You to a bunch of people who have made our website a success.
Special thanks go to the people behind Telum Media, Medianet and a bunch of publicists from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, our freelancers, and contributors for sending us stories and pitches on a day by day basis which we are truly and utterly grateful for.
I normally write updates every six months to celebrate our anniversary but I guess the New Year warrants this special address as well, especially since this is our first year in existence.
Just a few tiny housekeeping announcements, we have been working on a media kit and a rate card and those two items are in the final stages of editing and will be out soon.
We look forward to working with brands and companies in the coming months to help tell your stories to the masses.
We are also looking forward to doing more tech reviews, both in Malaysia and in Australia.
Going forward we won’t be publishing stories on the weekend anymore in order to concentrate on working on more long-form pieces and in-depth exclusive stories for our readers.
The 30 minutes with the DailyStraits.com podcast would continue with a minimum of one guest per month.
Besides that, we are also working on several side projects, for example, the formation of the LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Oil Spray in which we document the process of starting a brand from scratch in Australia and share the journey here to our wonderful readers.
This way you will know what it takes to be an entrepreneur first-hand by reading our bespoke column “Building A Brand” which will be aired once a week.
We will try our best to be as transparent as possible and share both the good and bad experiences that we go through in taking this brand to the next level.
This is probably our most unique selling point as compared to other business websites out there as we actually walk the talk and show you entrepreneurship first-hand.
We are also looking for interns to join our crusade next year.
As we are a startup, this would be an unpaid position for now and as such, we can only accept applications from university students majoring in journalism or communications studies – who need to complete a placement as part of their course requirement.
We welcome applications from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia!
This position would be remote and applicants can chose to either be an online journalist or an editor with us.
We are currently accepting applications from today and this will continue till next year.
Expression of interest can be emailed to editor@dailystraits.com with the subject titled: “Internship.”
Also, our current editor Fazleena Aziz would no longer be involved in the day to day operations of this news website as she takes on a new role as a full-time journalist in Malaysia.
We wish you all the best Fazleena and thank you for all your hard work so far.
Till next year, thank you for reading our site and continue supporting us in any way that you can.

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