Building A Brand

By June Ramli

As the year draws to a close, I have been super busy with so many things including the formation of this brand. I have been looking forward to some downtime, but that has not been forthcoming since I have been trying my very best to tie up all the loose ends for so many ideas that I had the time and effort to develop this year.
I still haven’t come up with the price point for LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Spray Oil as I still have time to mull this over until maybe January 10 at the very least. This is when all the retailers get back to work and are ready to talk business with me and my team. 

Blitz Hair Spray Oil
Blitz Hair Spray Oil

At the moment, I am thinking of selling all three items at one go, perhaps mash them up in sets, LazyBum Skincare the facial cleansers, LazyBum Skincare toner and moisturiser and Blitz Hair Spray Oil.
So anyone who is lazy (read: time-poor) would at least have the bare essentials with my very own skincare and hair care line which would do a bare minimum job.

LazyBum Skincare Toner and Moisturiser.
LazyBum Skincare Toner and Moisturiser.

But this is still not set in stone, what is set in stone though is that both the skincare line, Lazze One – the facial cleanser and Lazze Two- the toner and moisturiser would need to be sold together as they go hand in hand with each other. There is no separating those two products, but to add the hair care with these two beauties, this is something that I am still thinking about.
Anyway, I have already decided on adding on a fourth addition. A hand sanitiser which can be carried in one’s bag. At the moment all my products are meant for both sexes and the same would go for the hand sanitiser as well.

YayaEzzy Hand Sanitiser

Here is the design that I have come up with since collecting my shipment last week just three days before Christmas.
The main ingredient for my hand sanitiser is lemon and it has a very zesty feel to it. It can come in either gel or spray format, but I am always fond on all things spray like, don’t ask me why. I have decided to name this hand sanitiser YayaEzzy, the same name as my other merchandise which is based on my cartoon (doodles) characters. 
Here is how the packaging would look like.
I would probably develop this product some time next year but would accept bulk orders from anyone who is interested with the product now.
The reason why I am not developing this product as a stand alone piece is because I want to concentrate on getting the word out for LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Spray Oil. 
So once again, why am I oversharing our journey with these two products here openly through this website? Well, let’s recap, number one, it is because we are a finance and business site and these are products that we have created to give you a first hand experience to see the behind the scene struggles of what an entrepreneur goes through day in and day out. Our journey is not as easy as you may think. If you have someone you know who is an entrepreneur, my message would be to cut them some slack. 
Till my next update, Happy New Year peeps!

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