Creating An NFT

By June Ramli

Sydney, Dec 26: A few weeks ago, this website wrote an exclusive story about NFTs also known as non-fungible tokens.
Basically it is artwork uploaded on a certain type of marketplace for sale.
Anywhere you scroll these days, you’d notice that there are countless articles about how some teens are making tonnes of money selling their art as NFTs.
Besides artwork, I think people can also sell their tweets or their music on this platform and some lucky ones have made loads of money in the process.
And who can forget the countless TikToks made on these NFTs alone.

Ohana by June Ramli

Almost every other video on TikTok has a millennial giving their two cents on how someone can create an NFT and actually mint money out of it.
Then this bright idea came along, why don’t I try it myself and report the findings here- to our beloved readers.

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I am happy to note there has been some progress.
I have finally uploaded three of my NFTs onto a platform known as OpenSea. Apparently, it was the most famous one to do so and so I picked this.
Starting this process was not easy.

Rocco the banker from outer of space commissioned by June Ramli

I had to get a wallet of sorts and put actual money in it before I could create or upload my artwork onto this platform.
This whole process cost me about AU$200 because I got a freelancer to do the artwork for me.
So, yeah the cost of this experiment was not cheap to say the very least.
It took me some time to figure out how I could put money into my wallet before I could actually upload my artwork onto the platform.
I think the money is burnt and by that I mean that I am not sure how to get the money out.
More reading and research is needed by me here.

Ezzy by June Ramli

There is about $90 left after I uploaded three NFTs onto the platform and for now the plan is for me to probably just continue uploading the NFTs until there isn’t any money left and then see what happens.
People have been known to have been making insane amounts of money from this experiment but I am skeptical and so I decided to try it out myself and record the findings here as often as I can.

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So for today, the update is that we have successfully uploaded the NFTs onto the platform with more to come. I am unsure how to release the money out from my wallet and honestly now I am not sure if I am going to make any money from this experiment. At the moment, I just feel silly. I could have gone to Zara and done justice with that amount and buy some new clothes but oh well, let’s see where this experiment would end up. A yay or a nay. I plan to put these NFTs up on in due course too and if that happens will let you guys know soon.

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