HeyJom’s Latest Update

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 15: HeyJom has launched a comprehensive health and fitness lifestyle platform in recent days.
The platform which will be available via the HeyJom app aims to foster an ecosystem that connects fitness enthusiasts to fitness training coaches, event organisers and brand owners to provide access to events, products and services that are relevant to them. 
The app also looks to connect users with each other through its social media-esque fitness community feature. 
Through this, users will be able to post photos and updates of their fitness journeys as well as comment on the posts of others, creating reciprocal learning opportunities by sharing tips and knowledge with each other.

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“Society is increasingly gravitating towards fitter and healthier lifestyles.
“This signals the emergence of more fitness enthusiasts who are looking to participate in more fitness-focused events,” HeyJom founder and chief executive Patricia Tan said.
“This is where businesses such as ours typically come into play, connecting enthusiasts with events.
“But we saw a market far beyond that.
“Events are just one small segment of a person’s fitness lifestyle and journey.
“At HeyJom, we believe we have the credentials and potential to expand upon that offering and cater to every aspect of every fitness enthusiast’s fitness journey.”
At its full potential, the new HeyJom health and fitness lifestyle platform will become an indispensable component for fitness enthusiasts connecting them to all relevant aspects of their lifestyle.
Specifically, the platform will enable fitness enthusiasts to discover and participate in fitness events, browse and purchase fitness products, engage fitness-focused services, utilise fitness tracking tools and analyse personal fitness data.

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Currently, HeyJom’s solutions include enabling organisers to list events and coordinate participant registrations including the incorporation of payment gateways, stock management for event entitlements and entry pack collection modules.
Among the events listed on HeyJom include marathons, virtual fitness events, cycling, obstacle challenges, relays and bootcamps, amongst others.
HeyJom also offers virtual event management for virtual fitness events of all types as well as event support services that look to facilitate various miscellaneous aspects of fitness event organisation.
Newly added performance trackers and leaderboards are also incorporated within the app to increase visibility and understanding of fitness progress as well as foster greater community engagement.

In the near term, these solutions will expand to include the development of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for event participation.
Loyalty programmes and gamification including the unlocking of badges will also be introduced to amplify participation and reward users for their achievements.
Further down the road, the HeyJom platform will feature an online store and integrated marketplace that will not only allow for brand and event apparel and merchandise to be purchased within the HeyJom platform but also enable fitness enthusiasts to buy, trade and sell event passes, NFTs and more. 
The platform will also look to create a reservoir of useful fitness and health content to enrich and enlighten the fitness community. Sports and fitness nutraceuticals as well as wearable devices represent longer-term features that users can anticipate accessing through the platform to further enhance their fitness journeys.
Through the current planned trajectory, HeyJom projects total annual revenue of over RM10 billion by 2025. 
Specifically, the platform will leverage an increasingly health and fitness conscious society to tap into a potential physical activity economy valued at over USD2 billion here in Malaysia before ultimately penetrating the larger Southeast Asian market which is valued at USD12.9 billion.
To fully realise its evolution into the most comprehensive health and fitness lifestyle platform, HeyJom has announced an ECF campaign through pitchIN.
Through the campaign, HeyJom is looking to raise RM2,000,000, offering equity of 17.39 per cent in Irredeemable Convertible Preferential Shares. 
The ECF offerings range between RM1,900 to RM11,400 with each tier offering SCORE run participation passes, virtual race entries as well as apparel and fitness utility items. 
The funds will be apportioned across two years and will be utilised to accelerate platform development, marketing, fulfil working capital as well as facilitate regional expansion and acquisition.
“We have grand plans for the HeyJom platform that will see our app become the go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts across the region. 
“These plans will necessarily require substantial funding, hence the announced ECF campaign.
I believe this is an incredible opportunity for wise investors to get in on the ground floor of our exciting evolutionary plans to reap the long-term benefits that are sure to follow,” Tan said. 
HeyJom has already gotten a significant boost to its funding endeavours by securing an anchor investor from Fidelity Funding to lead this equity crowdfunding round. 
Beginning as an online registration platform in 2016, HeyJom has since developed into a leading mass participation registration portal accumulating a database of over 100,000 users. 
In that time, HeyJom has enabled registrations for some of the most popular fitness events in Malaysia including Reebok One Live, FitMalaysia, Sun Life Resolution Run and Sunway the Good Run amongst others. 
HeyJom is founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who are also the founders of Score Sports Management, a sports and fitness event specialist who own and manage the Score Marathon, and are the organisers for some of Malaysia’s leading fitness events including the FitMalaysia Program.

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