Building A Brand

By June Ramli

Sydney, Nov 15: It’s been over a week and there has still not been any updates from the manufacturer regarding my brand – LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Oil Spray.
I’ve called twice and left messages and also sent the account manager numerous emails.
Some were answered, the last two were not.
So, as you can see it is not easy to build a brand.

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You read about founders making it big, but no one talks and tells you about the struggles along the way.
One would encounter problems such as these along the way but it hardly gets mentioned in media write-ups once the founder has already reaped the rewards.
The only reason that I can think that my email is being unanswered is that the manufacturers are busy with more pressing matters.
I do not know for sure because as journalists we have been trained to not speculate.
So, for now, I shall wait patiently.
To be honest, this is the only option I have.

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I am not angry, just confused as to why my emails and phone calls are not being answered.
So, boys and girls, when building a brand, my advice is to not quit your day job.
Work with someone else and do it as a side-project.
Only leave your full-time jobs once the project makes more money than your current role.
Oh well, I am thankful, this is not the only thing that I am channelling my creativity to at the moment.
I am working on several other projects as well and would be happy to unveil them in this column in due course.
So, stay tuned.

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