New Culinary School Opens

Bangkok, Nov 3: Dusit International is set to expand its hospitality education business in the kingdom with ‘The Food School’, a unique joint venture offering experiential training in Italian, Japanese and Thai cuisines, plus exclusive business incubation services for food and beverage startups, in a state-of-the-art facility in central Bangkok.
Set to open in Q1 2022, The Food School will bring together three globally recognised institutions, including Dusit’s own Dusit Thani College, Japan’s renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute, and La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana (ALMA), the world’s leading education and training centre for Italian cuisine.
Each will offer long-course modules in Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and Italian cuisine and bakery, respectively.
Designed to provide an innovative, progressive and experiential learning environment, The Food School is targeted at young professionals, keen amateurs, career-switchers and entrepreneurs seeking to get the best possible start for their food and beverage businesses.
The project will occupy 3,200 square metre of thoughtfully designed space set over three floors at the new Creative & Startup Village in the city’s Sam Yan district.
Students will have access to The Food School’s unique entrepreneurial incubator platform, The Test Kitchen, which will offer facilities for product testing and experimentation, business planning services; professional coaching and mentorship from renowned local chefs; and exclusive opportunities to get financial support from investors during specially arranged pitching sessions.

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Equity partners in the THB 336 million development include Dusit International, Glowfish Coworking Space (under privately owned real estate investment company Heritage Estates Co, Ltd.), Allied Metals (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
“The Food School aims to create a vibrant, dynamic and collaborative ecosystem that brings together Thailand’s food community to drive positive social, environmental, and economic developments in the food and beverage industry at large,” Suphajee Suthumpun, Group CEO, Dusit International said.

The Food School – A Winning Partnership: Equity partners in the THB 336 million development include Dusit International, Glowfish Co-Working Space, Allied Metals (Thailand) Co Ltd, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana (ALMA). (Photos: Dusit Thani)

“Three clear highlights set The Food School apart as a unique proposition in Bangkok.
First, it is the first mover in the market to offer multi-cuisine training and business incubation all under one roof.
Second, its Test Kitchen facilities will provide an unrivalled opportunity for experienced or fledgling chefs and savvy entrepreneurs to trial new concepts, receive advice on these concepts from seasoned industry experts, and tap into Thailand’s dynamic food and beverage market.
Third, The Food School will play an active role in the food and beverage community by hosting regular events that bring together key industry players to discuss latest trends, evaluate concepts, and brainstorm the way ahead for established and upcoming food and beverage businesses alike.”
Suthumpun said that no other facility offers such comprehensive services for culinary startups and young professionals in Bangkok.

This new school will open at the first Q1 of next year. Supplied.
This new school will open at the first Q1 of next year. Supplied.

“By responding to the professional needs of the market in the new normal, fully leveraging Dusit’s rich experience in providing hospitality education for more than 20 years, and offering access to mentorship from celebrated chefs and well-known restaurateurs in Thailand, and later globally, we look forward to helping The Food School’s students, entrepreneurial associates, and community supporters to fulfill their potential with services, facilities and hands-on learning specially created to equip them for success in the post COVID-19 days ahead.”
“The highlight of The Food School facility is the design of kitchen classrooms that fosters teamwork and collaboration among peers,” Prim Jitcharoongphorn, Chairperson of the Executive Board at Allied Metals said.
“Our facility is equipped with eco-friendly equipment which is energy-efficient, user-friendly, and versatile. Kitchens at The Food School are truly state of the art. 
“We are delighted that our innovative solutions will contribute to the sustainable development of culinary talents in Thailand by facilitating maximum productivity with minimal environmental impact.”

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