Five Boozy Gifts For Dad

Sydney, August 19: Looking for the perfect drink for Dad this Father’s Day? No matter how your old man likes his drinks, there are a range of global and local tipples he’s bound to enjoy this Father’s Day (which falls on September 5), thanks to leading brands including Westward Whiskey, Silent Pool and Cazcabel Tequila.

Westward Whiskey American Single Malt


If this doesn’t look like the perfect gift to you, I’m not sure what will. This is a rich, flavourful, and robust Whiskey that will win your dad’s heart with its notes of creamy vanilla, brown sugar, lush fruit, and dark chocolate with a lingering fruity aroma. Gift your dad the memorable Westward American Single Malt Whiskey this Father’s day.

RRP: $115.90

To purchase, visit: Dan Murphy’s

Kavka Vodka


Do you want to give your dad the complete James Bond experience? Kavka Vodka embodies tradition from the way it is made to the way it is consumed. It can be sipped warm or taken as a shot from the deep freeze. But if your dad is one to appreciate the classics, it can be served as a sophisticated martini, whether that be shaken or stirred. Dad can make that decision this Father’s Day with Kavka Vodka.

RRP: $64.99

To purchase, visit: Dan Murphy’s or BWS

Silent Pool Gin


They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and if your dad appreciates the simple things in life, Silent Pool Gin is the perfect gift this Father’s Day. Silent Pool Gin is a luxury English handcrafted gin that tastes fresh and rich with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. The refreshing gin is packaged in an elegant bottle that is decorated with a design that will put a smile on your old man’s face. Silent Pool Gin will have your Dad sipping on a cool Gin & Tonic in style on his special day.

RRP: $79.99

To purchase, visit: Dan Murphy’s

Dubliner Whiskey and Honeycomb Liqueur


Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur is a silky-smooth liqueur that will add a touch of warmth and spice to any drink. The notes of caramel and honeycomb are perfect for a cocktail or even a dessert that Dad can enjoy on his special day while you hold the title of giving the best gift!

RRP: $47.99

To purchase, visit: Dan Muphy’s or BWS.

Cazcabel Reposado Tequila


This handcrafted spirit using the finest agave from Jalisco Mountains is sure to impress your Dad this Father’s Day. Rested in oak barrels for nine to eleven months, it balances the clean and earthy agave flavour of the double distilled Blanco with the complex but subtle aromas of toasted oak. If your Dad isn’t one to favour whiskey, Cazcabel Reposado Tequila is the perfect alternative. The finish is long and complex, with a jalapeno tingle. Make some room on the shelf for this beautiful tequila!

RRP: $72

To purchase, visit: BWS or Dan Murphy’s

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