Startup Launches Gifting App

Sydney, August 19: Aussie Fintech startup Shouta recently launched its digital nano-gifting app last December and almost instantly saw requests coming through from businesses looking to utilize the app as a way of incentivizing teams and rewarding great work.
The Shouta team, led by Co-founders Carly Shamgar and Nick Redwood, immediately got to work on a business-specific product to meet the need and is now launching Shouta Biz nationwide.
“Businesses know that there are many different ways to impact company culture and incentivize team members,” Co-founder Carly Shamgar said.
“Shouta Biz is allowing more businesses to tap into these types of rewards through digital nano-gifts.
“Through our beta testing, we’ve seen a huge demand for this service and we’re excited to officially launch across Australia.”
Shouta Biz is a workplace digital gifting platform that allows users to instantly ‘Shout’ employees or clients by sending them customizable nano-gifts – like coffee, wine, or movie tickets.
Instead of physical gifts or gift vouchers, the recipient receives a link to a digital, prepaid Shouta Mastercard.
The reloadable card can be spent on the specific Shout the gift giver has chosen, like a coffee, or on any item the recipient desires.
The app has been in beta for the past two months, with early adopters including GigSuper, CoBild, and Parcelpoint contributing to over 600 Shouts already sent through the Shouta Biz platform.
Through Shouta Biz, a company can set up a business account and send Shouts to mass employees at one time.
For a customized approach, businesses can also personalize messages and add logos and imagery to their Shouts.
While Shouta Biz is looking to introduce a tiered subscription structure, based on additional features, for now all customization features in Shouta Biz are free.
With more businesses being forced into lockdown, Shouta Biz has created a new way for teams to connect digitally.

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