Five Ways To Prep Your Home For Winter

With winter in full force, people will be hunkering down and spending more time in their homes more than ever. Whether you are simply relaxing or entertaining, you will want to make sure your home is as cosy and inviting as possible. Understanding that re-decorating can be an expensive or daunting process, Luxo Living, Australia’s largest online boutique furniture store founder Winston Tu shares his five tips on how to prepare your home for winter:

Instead of checking out the latest restaurant, we often opt for takeaway or a home-cooked meal during winter. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a movie night with friends, it’s important that they feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as they walk in. You will most likely spend most of your time in the lounge room and dining room, so your coffee table, couches, dining table and entertainment unit must be up to scratch. Play around with bold colours, textures, shapes, curves or fabrics for these pieces.

Create a welcoming atmosphere like this at home. Supplied.

You’ve probably heard of this phrase before, but do you know how to achieve this? People often decide on their style, colours and pieces, but they often fail to think about texture. Simply put, it means creating visual interest and diversity in your space through layering, opposing materials, colours and fabrics. Texture can be created either through touch or the display of objects.

Create an interesting texture like this with your furnitures. Supplied.

Although tiles and hardwood floors are beautiful, they, unfortunately, don’t retain heat so it can get quite chilly in the height of winter. If you’re unable to afford permanent heating, rugs are an easy and cost-effective fix.

Rugs are an easy and cost effective way to substitute permanent heating. Supplied.

Transform your space into one of relaxation and nourishment during the cold months of winter by installing a sauna to provide a slice of heaven where you can unwind and recharge.

Home sauna anyone? Supplied.

Whether you love or loathe winter, I’m sure you are a fan of a crackling fire. A natural wood outdoor fire can create a social focal point and enhance the ambience in your outdoor space. The relaxing and radiant warmth from the fire is sure to be a hit, whether it’s for a lively party or a comfy hub for a small number of guests.

A natural wood fire like this helps create a social focal point in your outdoor space. Supplied.

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