Delyva and Manyuu to Collabrate

Manyuu Commerce will start offering instant deliveries to all its food and beverages merchants made possible through a collaboration with Delyva’s delivery app.
The integration will allow merchants to set up a delivery fleet of their own, add or remove riders from the fleet, calculate commissions for riders, and monitor pick-up and delivery activities.
“Merchants don’t need to worry about spending extra money on IT because the driver app is already part of the service package they receive when they sign up with Maynuu, ”said Maynuu chief executive Wafiq Rodzuan in a statement.
“More than 50 merchants have already activated Delyva within their accounts.
“The integration with Delyva will allow our merchants to optimise their cost of running their business efficiently.”
Wafiq also added that customers who placed their orders on Maynuu can start using a new feature of tracking a rider’s location, made possible by Delyva.
Kuala Lumpur-based business owner, Mok Chan Heng who operates Nono’s Homemade specialising in baked goods said the integration would allow his customers to choose delivery partners that they preferred.
“During this pandemic time, we are short of manpower.
“Therefore, it is good that we get access to a reliable delivery service providers from a single source.
“This saves us time and helps reduce our workload,” Mok added.
Delyva chief executive Hanif Wahid said the integration would be great for small business owners to concentrate on making good food and drinks to sell instead of having to worry about managing their riders.

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