Songtradr Acquires Massivemusic

Songtradr, a B2B music licensing marketplace has acquired MassiveMusic, a global creative music agency for an undisclosed amount.

In a statement, the company said combining MassiveMusic’s music for brands footprint with Songtradr’s technologies and data-informed B2B music products creates the only complete tech enabled music solution for brands in the digital age.

“MassiveMusic has built a standout reputation for bold, brilliant, creative music solutions for brands over the last 20+ years,” Songtradr chief executive Paul Wiltshire said.

“The complexities of the B2B music industry have made it challenging to fully adopt and leverage technology, limiting it from experiencing the same growth as the consumer music industry.

“Bringing our companies and competencies together creates the scale and trust to enable a true transformation of the B2B music industry and unlock significant growth potential.”

MassiveMusic has approximately 85 employees with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

The company creates and curates world class music, strategic sonic branding solutions and music management for global brands such as Nike, Heineken, Apple and UEFA.

The acquisition will see MassiveMusic leading Songtradr Group in enabling brands and agencies to increase their marketing impact and solve all their music needs in one place.

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