Get Medication Delivered In Hours

With the pandemic still in full force, many of those who have fallen sick have not consulted a doctor and have instead resorted to other means to stay healthy. 

According to the National Health & Morbidity Survey (NHMS), 20 percent of the population who had fallen sick in the last two weeks, only four out of ten of them did not consult a physician. 

Instead what many have done is to take matters into their own hands by consuming a medicine without advice from healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and relying on advice obtained from other sources like the internet, TV, radio and others. 

Realising the gravity of the situation, DOC2US has partnered with foodpanda’s pandago and Lalamove to provide medication delivery within two hours to those living in the Klang Valley.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, we saw the need to provide an easily accessible, single touchpoint professional healthcare to the general public,” DOC2US chief executive Dr Raymond Choy said in a statement. 

The collaboration will help more than half of the over 2.4 million Malaysians over 65 who require long term medication for ailments like cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes to get their medication with ease.

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