EP 8 – Suganthi Suparmaniam On Writing A Bestseller

By June Ramli

Turning A True Story Into A Netflix Series

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. 

Today, we have a former New Straits Times journalist now a communication specialist Suganthi Suparmaniam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who is going to tell us a thing or two about book writing. 

Book writing if done well can become a wonderful product that can make one money or bring fame like JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series or Dan Brown of the Da Vincci series.

Now on Suganthi, she is the author of The Story of Bentong Kali, a notorious Malaysian gangster who committed 16 murders in the 1990s.

Her inaugural book has been well received judging from her recent appearance on Astro Awani, a renowned TV news channel in Malaysia with plans underway to turn her book into a script for screen adaption purposes.

Despite not being able to interview her subject in person, as he was shot dead by the police in 1993, however this didn’t stop Suganthi from telling his story to the world. 

So, today we are going to talk to Suganthi on how she started the finished product, finding a publisher and the monetary benefits attached to writing a book. 

Let’s listen to the interview here: 

Suganthi Suparmaniam speaks exclusively to DailyStraits.com

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