Podcast: EP 7 – Lachlan Matheson of BoxxD

Lachlan Matheson

Producer: June Ramli
Editor: Fazleena Aziz

Ditching The Great Australian Dream

Welcome to another episode of 30 mins with DailyStraits.com. Today, we are joined by a 25-year-old entrepreneur who founded a multimillion dollar company in Australia four years ago.

Melbourne-based Lachlan Matheson’s (pictured above) is the owner and operator of BOXXD, a global brand which services over 21 countries with wholesale and custom packaging for businesses.

With more than 20 staff members and counting, this Australian owned business is currently on track in making AUD$3 million this financial year with no signs of slowing down.

Here, Matheson tells us why he started the business and how he deals with older staff members and why he feels nervous sometimes.

He also tells us why he decided to put the great Australian dream of owning a home on hold while he used his savings to start his own business instead of putting it down for a house deposit.

Without further ado, let’s listen to Matheson’s interview here:

Lachlan Matheson speaks exclusively to DailyStraits.com

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