Waterco Celebrates Milestone

ASX-listed water treatment manufacturer and distributor of Waterco Limited (ASX: WAT) is marking its 40th milestone after hitting the highs and lows of growing a family-owned business into a manufacturing powerhouse.

The company which started in 1981 selling PVC pipes in Sydney, Australia with three staff and one truck driver now employs 715 people globally including 476 staff in its Malaysian manufacturing facilities in Kuala Lumpur.

It is also the founding franchisor of Swimart, one of Australasia’s biggest and oldest pool and spa networks.

Despite facing several industrial, economic and environmental challenges, Waterco founder and chief executive officer, Soon Sinn Goh said the company continues to innovate, expand and diversify.

“We celebrate our 40 years in business in a position of strength, having survived recessions, economic downturns, two factory fires and one pandemic,” he said in a statement.

Soon Sinn Goh. Photo: Supplied.

Waterco is known as a dominant player in the international swimming pool and water treatment sectors, which Soon attributes to the company’s innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes.

“This enables us to deliver high quality, durable products to over 40 countries around the world.

“Thanks to our loyal staff, customers, investors and Swimart franchise partners, we are now able to proudly position ourselves as a successful Australian company competing effectively on a global scale.

Fire at Waterco. Photo: Supplied.

“The major players in each of the international markets in which we operate – many are significantly larger than Waterco,” he said.

Waterco’s water and energy-saving innovations, including its proprietary injection moulding techniques, continue to set benchmarks in the industrial water treatment and aquaculture industries.

The company’s Micron Fibreglass Commercial Filters are the largest found in the market today while its Climate Care Certified range of products provide consumers with energy and water-saving solutions.

“We will continue to invest heavily in research and development, machinery and technology to create products of the future, enabling Waterco to be more competitive and enter new markets in the essential water treatment sector,” said Soon.

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