TransNusa’s Rapid International Expansion

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Jakarta, Nov 20: In a remarkable feat of strategic planning and execution, TransNusa has successfully inaugurated its Jakarta–Singapore route, marking the airline’s fourth international route within just eight months.
Known as a low-cost carrier in its domestic market, TransNusa has swiftly transformed its business model to position itself as a Premium Service Carrier, achieving unprecedented growth in Southeast Asia.
The TransNusa Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Bernard Francis, attributed the airline’s rapid success to a meticulously crafted business plan implemented in response to the post-Covid-19 travel landscape.
Following intensive market research, the airline identified changes in traveler behavior due to the pandemic, leading to the development of a customized business model tailored to meet the evolving needs of passengers.

AKING OFF - Bernard Francis (Third from left) with Bayu Sutanto, President Director TransNusa (Forth from left) and Herry Bakti, Advisor TransNusa (Fifth from left)
Taking off: Bernard Francis (Third from left) with Bayu Sutanto, President Director TransNusa (Fourth from left) and Herry Bakti, Advisor TransNusa (Fifth from left).

The implementation of this model in April, with the launch of its first international flight, has fueled significant growth for the airline.
Datuk Bernard, an aviation industry expert specializing in airline turnaround and revenue management, emphasized the significance of today’s launch of the Jakarta–Singapore route as a major milestone for TransNusa.
He underscored the airline’s commitment to safety, security, maintenance, and aircraft performance, evident in the swift approval process for operations at Changi Airport.
Having recently launched its Jakarta–Guangzhou route on November 16th, TransNusa has become the second Indonesian airline to receive approvals for scheduled flight operations to Guangzhou, China. Since April, the airline has introduced scheduled flight operations in major capitals across Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific, connecting destinations such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, and Guangzhou. Domestically, TransNusa operates flights to Bali and Jogjakarta.
Regarding future expansion plans, Datuk Bernard expressed the airline’s commitment to further extending its international routes, aiming to facilitate seamless travel for more passengers.
Anticipating substantial growth in 2024, he emphasized the goal of providing passengers with ease and comfort.
For its international routes, TransNusa distinguishes itself by offering premium services beyond typical low-cost carriers.
The airline provides attractive product bundles such as SEAT, SEAT-PLUS, and FLEXI-PRO, each offering varying levels of benefits, including increased check-in baggage allowances.
Notably, the FLEXI-PRO package provides a comprehensive range of services, from free baggage and seat selection to in-flight meals and drinks, priority check-in and boarding, and flexible flight schedule changes and refunds.
TransNusa has configured its A320s with a 168-174 seat layout, ensuring passengers enjoy 30-31 inches of legroom, comparable to full-service airlines.
Bernard emphasized the airline’s commitment to delivering affordable and competitive ticket prices while maintaining a focus on premium services for its customers.

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