Avoid These Home Mistakes

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Sydney, Nov 14: Renowned interior designer Kellie Richardson, the founder of Kurved by Design and a leading figure in property styling, shares crucial advice for homeowners looking to sell their properties.
Richardson, known for coining the term ‘Botox for your home,’ emphasizes the importance of steering clear of certain dated trends to maximize property appeal to modern buyers.
Richardson asserts that stepping away from 80s decor is essential when targeting millennial buyers in 2023.
Advocating for a neutral style palette, she highlights the significance of allowing potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.
The expert discourages the use of 80s tricks, such as the aroma of brewing coffee, which might not resonate with today’s millennials.
She suggests focusing on creating a fresh, clean, open, and flowing atmosphere instead.
Ditching another 80s tactic, Richardson advises against baking cookies or brownies before open houses, as millennials may not appreciate carb-heavy scents.
She recommends opting for citrus scents like orange and lemon, known for their mood-boosting benefits.
In terms of furniture, Richardson recommends removing heavy, dark wood pieces that characterized the 80s era. Millennial buyers prefer minimalist and open-flowing spaces.
Lastly, she suggests updating outdoor spaces and discarding 80s-style garden decor like gnomes and puffy-cushioned outdoor furniture.
Millennials lean towards simple, linear styling with modern and industrial elements.
Emphasizing the impact of good staging, Richardson notes that seeking professional advice can increase a property’s sale price by up to 15 percent.
Staging, when done right, enhances the positive aspects of a property and distracts from the negative, playing a crucial role in the overall perception of a home.
For homeowners uncertain about styling their property, Richardson advises caution in selecting a staging company, stressing the potential impact on property value.

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